Christmas decorating

As soon as the kids figured out that you decorate the house for Christmas from one of our books. We had to do it NOW! So, we got busy.


Princess carried great big tubs around to help put things away.


Superman hung the stockings.

And as a surprise that night we got to get the TREE! We’d been telling them we were getting it on Saturday, but our small group was canceled for that night because of sick kids. So, off to find a Christmas tree.


We searched all over. Princess was quite set on getting a two foot tall tree, but I just couldn’t pay $40 for something two foot tall. I do remember having a little tree in my room at Christmas, but it was fake, and not $40.


We got it home and into the house, and Princess got to help Daddy put the angel on the tree. That was lots of fun, and then the boys had to help do that too…..


Batman happily helped Jeff put the lights on. The boys took turns doing this. I got the fun job of untangling lights. Okay, fun may not be the right word.


Princess supervised this part from her usual “I’m bored” perch.


My cool light effects shot. It serves no real purpose other than to look cool.


Then the kids had a blast hanging ornaments while Jeff and I scrambled to keep up with them and putting hooks on all the different ornaments. How do they always lose their hooks in between when we take them down and when we put them back on?

Of course a few special (by that I mean breakable) were hung up by me or Jeff. We still have lots of ornaments left to put on the upstairs kids tree (that’s the compromise Jeff and I came to). The kids are super excited about putting the rest of my Star Trek space ornaments up there.

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