How to make your own doll clothes pattern

So, once I fix the problems I discovered in the pattern I just made today I will upload the pattern itself to this post, but no promises……



1. Place your doll on a piece of paper. Trace around your doll’s torso. Make sure to leave ample space for seam allowance/ease for putting the shirt on and off. Notice in my original pattern I DID NOT leave enough ease.


2. Fold your pattern in half, and cut it out. This makes sure that both halves are even.

3. Put your pattern piece on a piece of fabric that is folded in half. You want the shoulders to be lined up on this. Sorry no picture here.

4. Open up the fabric and fold up a scant quarter inch on the sleeves. This hems the edges.


5. Now, sew the side seams and sleeves. I am so impressed with myself that I actually remembered to take a picture of this step. I never remember to get a picture of the sewing steps.


6. Fold the shirt in half, cut a sliver from the top, and then cut it down the middle front of the shirt.

7. Now, fold up a scant quarter inch and sew all the way around the shirt. This finishes the bottom, neckline, and the front of it.

8. Find a piece of velcro and cut to length of the shirt. Sew the hook side of it facing up away from the doll. Sew the loop side to the other side of the shirt.



1. This part you don’t really need a pattern. I just cut a rectangle that is slightly bigger than my doll. I add about 1.5 inches of ease. I’d guess my rectangle to be about 4.5 inches by 6.5 inches.

2. Now place this pattern or rotary cut out your rectangle on a doubled piece of fabric (so you cut two rectangles).

3. On the bottom of the short side of the rectangle fold up a scant quarter inch and sew the hem.

4. Sew both of the long sides together.


5. Now fold your pants in half (hot dog fold, for you teachers). Sorry, the picture is of the pattern, not the paper. Use this fold to mark where to cut the legs. Use your doll to find how long the legs should be.

6. Sew the leg seams, You’re essentially sewing a very long narrow U.

7. Fold the pants top down about a half inch. Sew this seam, but leave an opening in the back or a side seam.


8. Measure the doll’s waist to find out how much elastic you need. At most you want 1/4 inch elastic, but the rolled elastic works great too. Using a safety pin feed the elastic through the casing and then sew the whole thing closed.

Voila you have now made a shirt and pants.


The vest and collar piece were made the same way I made Batman’s Halloween costumee.

The doll is a pattern. Here’s the pattern I used: Mini-Kimmy in the Hoop doll

There’s also a version that is not using the embroidery machine: Mini-Kimmy doll

I love this pattern, I’ve probably made about 10 of these so far. I like them because they’re quick and small and fun. I’ve made a Dora, Diego, Batman, Prince, Princess. I’ve requests for Storm Troopers, Jedi knights, and so on and so forth.

I’m linking up to Homemade Holidays because this is a Christmas present to be.

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8 thoughts on “How to make your own doll clothes pattern

  1. Those are adorable! Love love love the “idea” of making doll clothes, but after my weeklong turkey project, I think I'm done sewing for a few months. Or years. ;o)

  2. Slick! A neat trick I just learned- trace exactly what you want the finished product to be- use disappearing ink. Cut wide of your marks, and sew on the line you drew. Never worry about wonky seam allowances again! It's been a mind-saver :o)

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