Playing Farm

So, this happened a few weeks ago when I was being good and not posting, but these pictures are just too cute not to post.

They’d been on me for a while to “play farm” with them outside. Here’s how you play farm as I learned.


You dig dirt to make soup. Watch out for swinging shovels that’s how I got the “Mommy, Princess is red” incident.


Then you eat the soup. Now I know why my outdoor table is always so messy. Apparently they eat dirt soup straight on the table.


You push your “baby” in the swing. The baby changed a lot, sometimes there was a puppy, actually a lot of times there was a puppy.


You water the plants. I also discovered that day the basil I had planted this summer went to seed, and the weeds I was pulling was actually little baby basil plants. Which of course won’t survive the winter…..


Of course lots of water must be spilled to create a nice big mud puddle. This also does explain why they need so many baths after playing outside.


Then you climb up to your bed and go to sleep.



Everyone sleeps, including Peter Pan doll. Then in the “middle of the night” while it’s dark a monster attacks. Which of course we must fight.


Then we get up because it’s no longer dark. It’s light now, and they take turns pushing dolls in the swing.

And that seems to be the great game of how to play farm

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