Science Sunday: Nature Walk

So, I was very blessed last week to have my in-laws take the kids for most of last week. I was already planning how I was going to write about different places that are great to find science ideas. Then we went to a park yesterday. Here’s what we found.


As we walked around the pond, of course the kids HAD to go check out the trees, how else are they going to find ammunition for whatever they need?


First we discovered a vine. And talked about how a vine is different from a tree, when it’s alive you can move it around kind of like a rope. But, now that it is dead and dried up it is hard and breaks easily. Of course then we had to have our own pieces of vine to walk around with and pretend it’s a gun.



Then we discovered some nuts. They’re very intriguing. They had an outer layer of a slightly gummy green, and when it’s dried it was very easy to peel off. Then we had to explore to see where the nuts came from.


And after much searching found it up in a tree. Then we talked about what the nut is used for, who uses the nuts. We only talked about how the nut is what the tree uses to grow a new tree, but I just realized we could have also talked about how squirrels and other animals eat them.


Then of course we had to throw it in the water and discovered it floats, just like pumpkins!


Then finally Jeff pried one open with his pocket knife and we looked at the insides. We came to the conclusion these must have gone bad or something because they were all nasty and black inside. It was really kind of gross.

So, how about ya’ll, any fun science happenings out there? For more about Science Sunday and participating go here.

4 thoughts on “Science Sunday: Nature Walk

  1. My sister found a nut on the ground a few years ago and got curious about it. She cracked it open to find it was a black walnut, and her hands were stained for WEEKS 🙂 Last time we ever explored random nuts! 🙂 Looks like your kids had a blast!

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