I am very thankful for

a husband and mother-in-law who take all the kids off to a park so I can sleep all day while I get over this silly cold. I remember them taking the kids off, and then next thing I remember it’s 3:30 in the afternoon. I don’t nap in the middle of the day, that’s how horrid I was feeling.

On a slightly less silly note (I’m still rather loopy from nowhere near enough food today, it’s just hard to eat much when you’re asleep all day and it hurts to look at food). Here’s other things I’m thankful for (I”d include pictures, but I’m lazy and sleepy, and well it’s difficult on my lap top, those are my excuses, but really I’m lazy).

My husband, he is really very good to me
My family, I have a wonderful family, and am very blessed to have them
My kids, they’re sweet as can be, and sometimes manage to be quiet when Mommy’s sleeping.
A wonderful church family who have been supportive through all sorts of things
Great friends, I’m blessed to have some really great friends
A GREAT country, the best nation on this earth (and I of course believe that someone living in MExico or Spain, or any other country believes their is the best, so hear that when I say best), and believe I’m truly blessed to live in a nation where we can speak our minds and disagree with each other in a peaceful manner.

you know truthfully there are way too many to list them out, because if I did this post would be too long, because it gets down to the level of I”m thankful for my very comfy bed (I’ve been listing what I’m thankful for each day over on Facebook, and some of those have gotten pretty silly, things like nice weather).

So, I’ll be back home tomorrow, and hopefully will get a chance to write some more normal posts. It’s been one of those crazy weeks, where I felt lucky to know where my head was some days.

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