Here’s most of our Christmas books or the ones on my list Widgets

So, I’m a sucker for a Christmas book. Once upon a time I saw an idea to wrap up all of your Christmas books, and of course you had 24 of them. Then each night you would open one and read it together. I love this idea. I’ve never actually wrapped the books, but I probably do have 24 Christmas books. Like I said, I’m a sucker for a Christmas book, last week I ALMOST bought 3 more. Instead I bought 1 more and a Fancy Nancy book.

Gingerbread Pirates– This was one I almost bought in the stores. It’s a super cute story of a boy who makes gingerbread pirates and the captain who tries to save his crew mates from being eaten. Over at Almost Unschoolers they have a great activity to go with it.

If You Take a Mouse to the Moviees- this book combines two things I always buy when I get a chance: Christmas and mouse books. I don’t know why I like mouse books so much, but I do. It follows the usual format of her other books in the series if you’re familiar with it, if you get a chance to get the book on tape it has a couple of really fun Christmas songs on it. I need to see if I can find a copy on CD, because I don’t have a tape player really anymore.

Polar Express– A Christmas classic about a boy who goes to the North Pole and his wish for the first present of Christmas. Get this if you don’t have it.

Froggy’s Best Christmas– We just read this tonight for our first Christmas book of the season. It’s the story of Froggy’s first Christmas with his friends. If you’re teaching writing this is a great book for voice (if you’re doing 6+1 writing traits, huge thing here in Texas recently, or back when I was teaching).

Merry Christmas Mom and Dad– I like Little Critter books. Yes, they’re formulaic, yes, they are silly, but they’re fun. I really like this one because he tries so hard to help his parents, and it doesn’t really work.

Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus– this is the letter printed in the newspapers with WONDERFUL illustration. I loved reading this to my students when I was teaching because it has such wonderfully rich and vivid text. Of course, it’s not really a book for pre-schoolers, a lot of the vocabulary is above their heads, but still….

Tale of the Christmas Mouse– when I was in high school and was an intern in a kindergarten class the teacher read this to the kids, and then as their present they got a candy cane mouse. It’s the cutest thing. I love this book.

new ones I bought at last years Christmas sales, that I haven’t had a chance to explore much yet

Auntie Claus– I’ve heard lots of great things about this book.

When Santa Lost His Ho Ho Ho!- I’m planning on using this as well as several others to start working on beginning middle and end. It’s one of the reading features that kinders are supposed to learn in Texas, and I thought it’d be good to start working on those somewhat.

Santa’s Sick– I’ll probably use this for beginning, middle, and end also; and I think I might have them use this for predicting how to solve the problem.

I’m still not 100% so the other part of my post, the religious books will have to wait for later (I couldn’t remember the names of all of them off hand).

Go see what everyone else is reading over at Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns.

Now head over to ABC and 123 for more great Christmas books.

2 thoughts on “Here’s most of our Christmas books or the ones on my list

  1. Thanks for joining again! I read also about the tradition of wrapping and opening 24 books, but we definitely don't have enough. I am hoping to accumulate new seasonal books throughout the years, and your list will come very handy for after Christmas sales.

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