Science Sunday

For more about Science Sunday and participating go here.

We learned about water this week, and did an experiment seeing what we do to make water safe to drink.

Materials needed: rocks or small objects, dirt, a couple of glasses, colander, coffee filter, rubber band, and water

1. Get everything together, put all of the rocks, dirt, and such stuff in the glass. My kids had a blast searching the back yard for the stuff to put in. Later I found out they grabbed the dirt from my garden……


2. Pour the water from the cup into the colander (with a bowl underneath). This will sift out the large objects and some of the dirt. The kids loved this step.


3. Pour the water SLOWLY into the cup with the filter. I discovered the hard way this step drips a lot, and it is very slow. So, we just did a little of the cup and let them see how the filter works.

We followed this up with talking about how after these steps the scientists at the water treatment plant use chemicals to get rid of more stuff, and to make the water taste good.

We got this experiment (and there’s a few more in the book we didn’t try) from the book: Drip Drop How Water Gets to Your Tap!. We read this book about 5 times last week because the kids liked it that much. I’d say it’s appropriate for about through second grade. There’s a Magic School Bus book that talks about the same topic for older kids.

So, how about you? Anyone else have some great science stuff this week?

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