I’ll be back in a few days

So, I’ve been taking a couple of day break from blogging to make sure I have my priorities straight. I kind of feel like it’s become more important than it should be, and rather than my doing it because I enjoy it. I’m doing it because I want others to say you’re doing a good job or recognize how hard I work. That’s not a good motivation, and so I’m taking a few days away to get my head straight.

This is a good week to take a break, Friday is Princess’ birthday and the next day is her party. I have so much to do for it, it’s not even funny. So, I think this is God’s way of making me slow down and reprioritize.

I hope everyone has a good week.

9 thoughts on “I’ll be back in a few days

  1. I definitely understand. Many of us seem to be struggling with this right now. I got way too caught up in blogland and other things were suffering. Good luck working this out. I hope the party is fantastic!

  2. You know I agree and am at the same place you are right now! I, too, will not be posting as frequently anymore, only when it is convenient and I feel I really have something worthwhile to say!

    Enjoy Princesses' Birthday!! And, do post pics of it:-).

  3. I agree that sometimes we just need to step back and make sure our priorities are where they should be. But it is OK to feel encouragement from others via your blog… we all need that, we are only human. Sometimes it does become addicting though, I totally understand that. Enjoy your time with your family!

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