What we love to read this past week or so

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Okay, to make sure I actually get this post written this week I am writing it first. HA!

As you can see we’ve started studying DINOSAURS! Or as my kids say “SAURS!”

Quick side note, I tend to heavily edit dinosaur books when I read them to my kids for a couple of reasons. 1. I find it rather annoying when a “fact book” puts in a lot of theory and doesn’t say it’s theory, we don’t know why dinosaurs disappeared, and it’s hard for my kids to grasp that the five different pet theories presented in the different books aren’t fact. 2. I don’t believe in evolution so I don’t tend to say “millions and millions of years ago,” I just say a long time ago.

Did I mention my pet peeve of stating theory as fact, really, we don’t know that this dinosaur was a good Mommy, we have a few bones, and not even a complete skeleton.

Okay, off my soap box. Hopefully…….

How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night– I LOVE this book, my kids love this book, and I love watching my kids as I read this book. I’m hoping to film them acting it out. It’s the most hilarious thing you’ve ever seen. There are lots and lots in this series. I have the four from a few years ago when this was the Kohls Cares for Kids books. So, we know how a dinosuar does at a doctor and how they eat. The others haven’t ever come up to the original for me. But, my kids don’t suffer from many of the problmes listed, if anything the books give them bad ideas.

Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs– This is a little simple for my kids. They liked it okay, but there was no great inspiration from them on this one.

Oh Say Can You Say Di-no-saur– Dr. Seuss actually works (technically it’s not written by him, since it was published after his death, but it’s using his characters and his style) works really well with dinosuars. He’s hard to read sometimes because of his tongue twisters, and I find dinosaur names impossible to pronounce often.

Dinosaur Dinner– This met with mixed reviews from my kids. Batman and Princess loved it because they’ve decided they like plant eaters. In particular Batman likes brachiosaurus (who used to be called Brontosaurus before we discovered the wrong head was put on it, much like Pluto used to be a planet, but is now a planetoid). Superman didn’t like that T-Rex is almost not mentioned at all, and there aren’t a lot of meat eaters.

Donkey Dreams– This is a Christmas book. Why is it in here now, when I try so hard not to read books out of season? Because someone got into my Christmas books and got it out. I got asked to read this a couple of times in a row. I love the illustrations for this book, and the kids love seeing what the donkey dreams he’s carrying, and then seeing the baby Jesus at the end.

Scooby Doo Shiny Spooky Knights– This is one of our most used Tag books, according to the reports I get from Leap Frog my kids have spent over 10 hours reading this book. They’re Scooby Doo fans, in case you can’t tell. There is a non-Tag version of this I found out when I was creating this post, and I do like this as one of the better Scooby Doo books. So, if you have a Scooby Doo fan hunt this one down.

Oh, and one last one that I couldn’t put in the carousel because it doesn’t have a picture:

Dinosuars Those Terrible Lizards– This was my book as a kid, which of course makes it magically interesting to my kids. It’s really geared for a slightly older age range, so I do a lot of summarizing and editing, because they don’t want/need a thesis on the merits of stegosaurus. Here’s why I love this book, it’s written from a Creationist view point, but it does include the other side, so it does say here’s what Evolution is and here’s their thoughts on why the dinosaurs are gone. Obviously it does support creation, but it doens’t completely ignore other viewpoints.

So, that’s what we read this week, go see what everyone else is reading at Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns.

7 thoughts on “What we love to read this past week or so

  1. I like the way they make it easy to know how to pronounce the words in the “Oh Say Can You Say Dinosaur” book, since I also have trouble knowing how to pronounce the names of the many different dinosaurs.

  2. One of our favorite dino books is “When Dinosaurs Came With Everything.” I can't remember the author right now but it is illustrated by David Small. It is a really fun book about a boy who gets dinosaurs instead of stickers etc when he run errands with his mom.

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