Open Ended Art: Matisse


I ended up deciding after the fact that the activity wasn’t super open-ended, besides my kids do better open ended when left completely to themselves.

Here’s the intended activity, vaguely inspired by a page from Carisa’s dino pack.

Batman, who after the fact went back to his desk and glued in his “Space Guy awards” (from his Tag reader, they’ve discovered they get awards, so now this is the latest excuse not to go to bed).

Oh, here’s the story that goes with Batman’s: “It’s a space guy fighting a ‘saur, and the space guy has a light saber.” Everything he does now has to have a space guy with a light saber.

Superman actually made a dinosaur, and then needed a crayon to draw a mouth.

And Princess did a multi-layered collage. After she was “done” she added the coloring book page, and some other stuff I can’t quite figure out what it is.

But, here’s what they do all by themselves


This is Batman’s rendidtion of “Space Guy Stickers”

Princess’s random stampings.

Batman’s random stampings.

So, that’s our open-ended art for the week. Sadly I couldn’t find ANY books on Matisse in our local library, so for my kids this was more of an experience with collages than anything else.

I’m hoping I can find a book on future featured artists, I’m really excited about this idea, because I love the idea of studying artists.

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