Preschool Corner: Halloween Monsters


Okay, so Halloween was a week ago, but like I’ve said before, for my sanity I post about a week after we’ve done stuff. Unless I’m on vacation, then I post what we’re doing that day.


We didn’t do super a lot because I was working like a mad woman to get their costumes done.. But we read lots of books, and we talked some about beginning letter sounds and played our sight words game again.

You know, I was looking through my pictures and I can’t find a single picture of us reading this week.


We continued to do math problems with our Halloween guy counters. I still get requests to do this.



We discovered that pumpkins do float, and they splash quite satisfyingly when dropped.


That liquid colors mix together to make new colors, and if you add enough color it becomes brown. And it’s a rather yucky looking brown, not a nice looking brown.

Life School

Here’s where most of our learning took place this week.

They practiced fine motor skills by shoveling pumpkin seeds back into the pumpkin’s mouth as fast as I could scoop the nasty stuff out.


We learned manners. That you HAVE to say thank you, and that you can’t run on other people’s lawns. I’m so mean.

There’s no learning skill here, I just like this picture. Don’t they look handsome, with their matching bandaids? Oh, and I”m happy to anounce that all 3 of my kids no longer have head wounds, instead they now have scars.

Almost a month ER free.


We went to a local Halloween festival. I highly recommend checking your local city website at holidays to see if they have anything like this scheduled, we’ve been to a couple of these types of things and they’re always fun and usually either free or low cost.


Everybody helped get ready for visiting grandparents. Here they’re using a dish of warm soapy water to clean the counters. This is the cleanest the counters have been in months (as in free of clutter, I clean them fairly regularly because, well 5 people, that just makes things get dirty).


Mopping the floors, of course afterwards the floor is always very wet. Put, that’s the price I pay for having my kids help me with chores. It’s a price I’m willing to pay. Now if only they could clean toilets……..


So…….. I bought a big huge thing of toilet paper from Target, actually I bought two because that’s what I had to do for the sale. The kids helped deliver some of the toilet paper to the right bathrooms. Then they started playing. At one point, they had made a fort with the packages. I walk in and here’s the new game: stack the packages and then throw the doll at it to knock it over. Yeah…….


I have this dilemma, on the one hand, I don’t want them hiding in the clothes racks. It knocks clothes off, they have a tendency to then run as they’re playing games. So, I don’t want that. But, shots like this do crack me up.

And I”m so disappointed, I had a super cute picture of the boys escorting Princess back to me from one of the times wandering off, but it’s too blurry to be usable. I really love how they’ve taken the big brother job seriously and make sure she is taken care of and keeps up with us.

8 thoughts on “Preschool Corner: Halloween Monsters

  1. The 'one month ER free' comment just cracks me up! 🙂

    I love the floating pumpkin too!!! What a great idea!!!! Ours wouldn't float now with a big ol' hole cut into it, but I'll have to try to remember it for next year {or buy another pumpkin!!}.

    Thanks for joining up with Preschool Corner. 🙂


  2. As always I'm laughing after reading your post:-).

    Love the pictures too.

    You are soooooo much braver than me letting them get that close to food coloring bottles:-).

    You did have a good week though, even if you were making those costumes like crazy!

  3. Love your post, too funny! I can't decide what I like better– the toilet paper bowling with dolls or the fact that the head wounds have turned into scars. I need your sense of humor around here! :o)

  4. The last pic reminds me of a time when my middle child hid from me in a department store. After I started racing around the section of the store, I found her just like your son in the pic. I didn't know whether to yell or hug her. I was relieved, but frustrated. She was laughing and thought is was a funny trick. Oh, three year olds!

  5. I never let my kids play in the clothes racks because I did that when I was a kid and one came crashing down and cut me up pretty bad. It was a traumatic experience for me at the time.
    Love the toilet paper tower. My kids like to make forts out of the big diaper and wipes boxes that I bring home.

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