Halloween Festival here in Round Rock

I discovered this like the night before it happened, now I know to check my local city website for any cool activities for the month.

WARNING: silly Mommy pictures, that I freely admit I’m the main one interested in them.


Okay, who wouldn’t want to pose in front of a giant cutout of Superman? Okay, well Princess flat out refused to, but still, it’s cool.


I always find games like these super amusing. Especially when you can get a picture of the person behind the curtain, so to speak.


I never would have thought of this game, but it was so popular with my kids. The whole goal is to see how tall you can stack the Oreo cookies before they fall over. When you’re done you get to eat one of the unstacked ones (the ones used for stacking are just used over and over again for stacking). LOVE this idea.


Everyone got to win at this Cake walk, which for some strange reason was called a Cat Walk. And the kids had fun waiting somewhat patiently for their number to be called. I was happy because they actually recognized the numbers they were standing on and they were in the teens.


This one cracked me up because the people behind were stuffing the food back out as fast as my kids could stuff it in, which they LOVED, and thought was hilarious.


A fun variation on ring toss. Toss it onto the spider’s legs. Oh, and the other amusing aspect of this. It’s all crewed by the Parks and Recreation department of the city, so it’s all of these big tough guys manning the games.


And as we were leaving Princess was willing to pose with Wonder Woman. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, she is not dressed up as Wonder Woman. She is Batman. Don’t ask me to explain.

2 thoughts on “Halloween Festival here in Round Rock

  1. These are not silly mommy pictures!! Half of my posts now fall under this category then–and I'm proud of it, you know why–because it's my blog and my family and what's important to ME:-). SO, this is your blog, post all the silly mommy pictures you want to:-)!!

    It really looks like your whole family had fun and the pictures are priceless!!

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