My kid’s obsession with the moon


So, it’s not a picture of the moon, but my kids love to go and look at the moon. And that’s the only picture I have of them at night, and that’s only Batman, I think.

But, I wanted to share a super popular game I played with my kids for the phases of the moon. You take 4 pieces of black construction paper (I just cut one piece into fourths), and on each piece draw a different phase of the moon: whole, new, crescent, quarter (which is really half, but it comes at the quarter phase). Then each kid gets a card, and they have to guess what phase they have. If they’re right they get a button, if they’re wrong they don’t get a button. First kid to __ buttons wins.

Super duper popular, and I forgot to write about it back when we were studying moon.

For some more fun posts about the moon go over to Mommies Wise Little Bookworms.


One thought on “My kid’s obsession with the moon

  1. hello! just found your blog thanks to the multiples and more site! my oldest daughter will be 3 @ the end of this month and she is also OBSESSED with the moon! sometimes she won't go to bed @ night because she is busy staring out her bedroom window @ it! thanks for the fun game idea!

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