Preschool: Us


Hah! I finally remembered to put the button on. I decided to actually make a document to save all of the buttons I should use on a regular basis in it, so I can just go there and copy it. Hopefully that’ll help me get these things better.

I’m decided to slow down on trying to get them blending. I’m going to keep showing it to them, but not push it as much.

I’m also going to do it more like I did back when I was teaching, this worked really well with my class and was popular, so I’m going to do this rather than, giving the kids a word and saying sound it out.

Here’s what we’re doing. I give them a pile of 6 or so letters. Then I say a word, “cat,” and together we figure out what letters are in cat. Much more popular.


We continue our Nursery Rhyme book. After we’d put our project together i had them find all of the “d” they could find. And no, you can’t find R or W or whatever other random letter you want to find. Today, we’re just looking for D!

I might of had to say that a few times.


We also played this game….. I’ve saved milk bottle caps for months, with lots of not so subtle hints from my husband to “do something with them.” Well, I finally did. I wrote the 4 sight words to work on for this week, words that are about “us,” our letter being U….. We put them in a bag, and they took turns pulling out a word. If they could read it they kept it, if not they put it back in the bag. There was also a bottle cap that said milk, if you got that one, you had to put back all of your caps.

I think they might have done better with more practice on the words first, but they enjoyed it.


The big hit of the week:

Magnet Math- I already wrote a bunch about this here, but we’ve repeated this activity a bunch of times since then.


We also continued to count days of school and days of the month. I made a break through on our days of school book, when I made a template for it, and they had to put one sticker in each square that didn’t have an X in it. This works much better than them randomly sticking them on and saying “Mom, do I have enough yet.” Of course it loses the charm of the random placement…..

And, notice lightsabers make great pointers.

Social Studies


We finally got to continue with Me on the Map, and made a map of our upstairs. Next step to make a map of the downstairs on the opposite side of the poster.


I also finally got our US map put together. I found an old bulletin board that had been in the sewing room, and glued the map on it. We’ve spent a lot of time reveiwing where Texas is each morning. Okay, really a lot is like one or two minutes a day. But, they now know they’re from Texas, and can sometimes find Texas on the map. They know their cousins who visited last week are from Colorado.



We learned about bones, a lot about bones. They were more interested in that than anything else we might have done. So we played bone games and looked at chicken bones. To read a lot more about this go here.


And we found this guy in our front yard.


Okay, so I know praying mantis are cannibals and all, but still they look cool. And besides they eat “bad bugs,” so in my book that makes this a “good bug.” Which sadly is what my kids call pill bugs, good bugs……



I don’t usually include this, not because we don’t do it, but because I don’t usually have pictures, and it seems kind of silly to just keep repeating: we read Bible stories, this week we read more about Joseph. But, the thing I think is SUPER cool, my kids ask to do Bible study, and they get disappointed if we tell them no. So, we go through it at a random rate. One week, we don’t do all that much, and the next we do lots and lots.


This week we ate ice cream and talked about how Joseph was nice to his brothers even after they’d been mean to him.


MOST COMMON QUESTION IN OUR HOUSE: Princess, where are your clothes?

Her answer: “They were wet.” That’s all the explanation we get, just they’re wet. I’ll find them later and I can’t find where they were wet.

I just keep repeating to myself, “She will outgrow this, she will outgrow this.”



They had lots of fun watching me make their Halloween costumes, I still have to finish Princess’, I left hers for last because I got her first costume mostly done and she changed her mind. I’ll hopefully get a post up about this.

Princess got a new stepstool for her room. Here’s how the construction went once she woke up.

Me: Don’t touch the blanket, there’s wet paint.
She then proceeds to sit right next to the edge of the blanket, and loses her balance falling onto the blanket.

Me: No, you can’t touch the blanket.
She looks at me with pouty eyes, and then proceeds to roll around the floor around the blanket. Never quite touching the blanket…… That girl.


We played at the park, and Mommy learned lots of patience, and then more patience, and then yet more…….. Why did they insist on hanging on me, when there was an entire park to hang off of?


Camera phone picture, I am occasionally a nice Mommy and do carry her. Sometimes….

8 thoughts on “Preschool: Us

  1. What a great week that you all had, as usual!

    HaHa I love that Princess won't keep her clothes on, we go through the same thing with Selena, but there is never an excuse, she just points, there's my clothes, then takes off running. Of course they go right back on!

  2. I love the idea about having a word first then figuring out the letters to make it – such a great twist! And M is naked almost all the time… I don't really care, but I do wonder sometimes how long this stage is going to last! 🙂

  3. Your pictures always make me laugh – the one without the shorts is priceless! 🙂

    That map with the pictures is a great idea!! Love it! I'm going to check out that bones game too!

    Thanks so much for joining up. You know, I have a 'template' draft post saved in blogger than has the buttons I need so all I have to do is quick copy/paste for all the memes I'm a part of. 🙂

  4. Hanna could have used that praying mantis in her Science studies the last couple of weeks!

    I love your sight word game–doing that for sure! Also like the idea for finding letters in the words together–will do this too.

    Thanks for linking up:-) and for two great ideas too. I can't wait to try them.

  5. I saw what Jolanthe wrote and I think I am going to pass this along to her as well, but you can actually create a post template that will pop up ever time you begin a new post. I put all the html code in for all of the carnivals that I am part of. That way whenever I start a new post, everything comes up…I just delete the stuff I don't need. First get all your html code together then go to dashboard, settings, formatting. Scroll all the way to the bottom and paste in the html code. Then go and start a new blog post and the code will already be in there!

    Hope that helps.

  6. Great pics!

    A great product that incorporates both sight words and phonics is Er-u-di-tion™.

    This award winning game helps children learn to read, spell and understand the most common words in the English language while playing an entertaining board game.

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