Let’s pretend I excercise

Susanna is looking for inspiration. So, here’s some different things I’ve done to excercise. Right now we belong to a gym and I like to pretend I make it in at least once a week for one of their classes. I like the different dance classes. Then I can pretend I know how to dance.

Today, I took a dance jam class, it’s more of a jazz style dance with maybe some hip hop flair. It’s very different for me who’s only ever done ball room dancing. Very different, but fun.

And, I’m going to try and join in to do a thriller routine at the Halloween carnival in a few weeks. We’ll see…… That might not happen.

Yoga Booty Ballet– Can you tell I like the dance workouts? It lets me pretend I actually could have gone into dance without having to do all of the ridiculous work and pain that dancers really endure.

Goddess Belly Dance– So, the first one is completely and totally cheesy, but the later ones are rather fun, and a fairly good workout.

Oh, and then there’s always the excercise I get chasing 3 preschoolers around

4 thoughts on “Let’s pretend I excercise

  1. HA! I have a gym membership and I like to pretend that I go at least twice a week. Now that R is in preschool for two hours each morning, I have no excuse not to go. I have all the time in the world, right?

    I love dance exercise too. I like to take the Zumba class at my gym. I also like pilates. I would love to try that Yoga ballet dvd.

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