What happened to my back yard

So, when we were building our house, the builder looked at our lot and recommended we put a lot of fill on it to raise the level of the house. We thought okay, we can do that. So, they hauled in lots of dirt and our house is on an ever so slight hill.

Why do I bring this up? Well, we’ve had lots of rain recently. And, my kids are getting really stir crazy. We do play in the rain somewhat, but it’s that chilly sort of rain where once you’ve been in it for a few minutes you’re feeling real cold.

Well, on the Sunday we got back into town the kids were playing in the family room as Jeff and I were playing on the computer (I know we’re bad parents, we weren’t completely paying attention).

Batman yells at us, “Hey look, something’s floating in our backyard!” Say again? Here’s what we saw:


This is the area where my kids mostly play, the back corner has a nice little dirt pile they dig in. This is also probably where Batman dropped a shovel on Princess’ head, and we almost had another ER trip.


My rather “well watered” garden. Or drowned out. I can’t quite decide.

So being the care-free parent I am, I of course called the kids out to come play in the water…..



“Mom the lawnmower is floating”


The flooding 2 years ago when we built the playscape was even worse. Then it was up to my knees and then a little bit. Of course, then it was 4th of July, and I could still feel my toes after wading in that water.



It was seriously cold. My solution was to come back inside and cuddle up in blankets. I think this was a good solution.


Princess had a blast the next time it rained (all of 2 days later I think), running around wit her goggles on, and telling me about the rain.


And we of course had to go get the mail, you never know what kind of suprises you will see.

14 thoughts on “What happened to my back yard

  1. Oh my goodness. Our yard floods but nothing like that! The best is when it rains in the winter and then freezes; we could have our own ice skating rink! It has been cold and wet here too.

  2. Mercy! This is unbelievable. I do love seeing the pics of your kids playing in the rain though from time to time. You are so fun!

    Hey, weren't y'all under a drought? Good for the rain!

  3. I am so happy our town sits on a hill we have seen it rain to the point our town looks like an island, and there is no getting in or out! Great pics of the kids playing in the water. Sorry this happened right in your backyard!

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