Sea Shell Science


I’m going to try and start being a bit more organized about how I blog. That’s my theory. We’ll see if this plan works. So, pretend this post came out on Sunday, and it was title “Science Sunday….”

So, this week for science we learned about octopus and ocean animals to go with our O week. I’ll probably post more about that when we get to our art project/writing project for the week.

However one of the big things we did for our hands on science of the week was look at the sea shells we collected on the beach. I got this oversized magnifying glass which is perfect for little guys at Lakeshore.

We studied the shells and noticed the different textures, and how it felt. We looked at a sea star that I had purchased for each of them. We felt the bumps on it, and looked at its stomach on the underside.

We made theories about why the different shells were shaped the way they were and how the different animals moved.


To keep me honest on this, I’m going to try putting up a McLinky for anyone else who has a science post to share. I’m sure there’s lots of others who are doing fun science stuff, and I’d love to see what all you are doing.

3 thoughts on “Sea Shell Science

  1. Science Sunday sounds cool! I hope we can link a post in sometimes too:-).

    I love what you guys did with your shells too.

    So, made any head way with the blog design?

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