Hopefully I don’t break anything

I’m trying to figure out how to upload a background and such stuff thanks to all the links that Susanna provided at My Family My Forever. So, I’m trying not to do anything I can’t undo……. Hopefully.

That’s also why it’s all boring and white right now, because I did once accidentally hit save instead of preview, actually I’m not sure what I hit, because it was just as I lunged at a kid to stop them doing something foolish.

And has anyone else noticed you’ve had to resubscribe to blogs that you were following before? I found several blogs I thought I was following that I suddenly am not. It’s weird.

2 thoughts on “Hopefully I don’t break anything

  1. Good luck!! I can't wait to see what you do!!

    And, YES, I'm having this same problem lately. I noticed FOUR I'd been reading that were no longer there within the last two weeks!

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