Guess what we found?

I was working in the garden, trying to get one last thing done while the kids were taking their bath with Jeff. I looked over to the side and found this.


Can you see him hiding in there? We found a frog in our yard! I love frogs!


After their baths I called all the kids back out to come see the frog. I didn’t tell them what they were coming to see. They were so excited.


So, we tracked him down with flashlights and talked all about why he might be hiding there. They decided that was where his house was, and he was trying to eat the bugs.


Seriously, how cool are frogs?

9 thoughts on “Guess what we found?

  1. We love frogs here (except when they get in the house) and have a bunch. None that big! My kids love when they are on the sliding lgass doors and we get to see their bellies 🙂 So fun!

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