Works for Me Wednesday: cool podcasts

So, I’ve been having fun listening to these different podcasts, or using them with my kids. I thought to show what I’d found.

History of Rome– yes, I’m a history buff, and this is probably the best of the ones we’ve found.

Great Moments in History– it’s done like a live broadcast report. Very fun to listen to, sadly there’s only 10 or so of these.

Hooked on Phonics podcast- it looks to be short clips from their video series (these are great when sitting in the ER with a very upset kid). Sorry, there’s no link, but the only one I could find went straight to stuff for sale.

TVOkids– there’s a whole slew of these in different categories. I don’t like these as much, but they have a wider age range, and a lot of it is aimed towards elementary.

Storynory– These are cute stories, my only problem is her voice is so soothing I want to fall asleep.

Mars Hill Church– they have a lot of interesting podcasts, and I like to listen to sermons from time to time

The Exchange
– I just found out last night my brother has a podcast of every talk he gives. I’m excited to listen to his talks. Turthfully, I think I have a subscription for most of the Hill Country Bible Church Podcasts, I probably don’t listen to most of them…… But, I can if something strikes my interest.

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