Preschool Week in Review

So, we actually did all of this about 2 weeks ago. But, I write my posts about the week after it’s already done, because otherwise I feel too harried and hectic, and schedule it out. Last week however, I posted what we were doing, so I could share with the various grandparents.

So, here’s what we did.


T is for Turtle

Language Arts

We read lots of books this week. I think my favorite was Yertle the Turtle.

We started to blend sounds with the letters we’ve learned so far. It’s mostly nonsense words: sa, lam….. But, I was suprised at how well Superman did with this. Last time I tried it, he was totally not ready.


We worked on matching colors and textures puzzle together. I’m trying to do something fun at the end of calendar time each day. This was super popular because I passed out all the pieces and we traded until everyone had a couple of matches.

Truthfully we didn’t get a lot done with reading stuff, I was too busy trying to get ready.

was almost nonexistent. Other than counting the number of days we’ve been in school, or counting the days of the month. I’m trying to think of new and fun things to do with math, but I’m just not thinking of it.


We learned that turtles make nests, so the kids had lots of fun playing with their turtles and putting them in the nests they made.


We went to the pet store, and had lots of fun wandering around trying to find turtles. Every other pet store I’ve taken the kids to had lots of turtles, but the one we went to when we’re studying, almost none. Isn’t that the way things go?

In case you’re wondering, pet stores make a great mini-field trip for kids. They get lots of fun observing animals they probably don’t have at home, and can ask all the questions they want.


We hunted frogs in the backyard. Actually in my garden. Still, pretty fun to do. Any time you get to go out after dark, is just much more exciting.

Just general life learning


We built tall towers at Dairy Queen. This is of course after eating large amounts of ice cream.


Playing in the rain is always fun, and we so desperately needed the rain.


Playdough is one of those great toys where they don’t realize all the great things they’re learning. I put it in their drawers at least once a week. Then they have fun molding (working those fine motor skills), and cutting, and playing (using imagination, and problem solving). They play with it independently while I work with their brother or sister, sometimes I have to work not to laugh at the dramas Batman acts out. Here, I think he’s made a boat. Or a spaceship.



We made turtles. I learned if you get bored painting turtles you can always paint yourself or the paper. You can paint it “lots of colors.”


And, in preparation for our trip to Galveston the kids painted treasure boxes. This was my plan to limit the number of shells they brought home. The only problem is we now have 3 treasure boxes full of shells. Quite full.


Yeah, I have no reason for including this picture other than it’s cute.

Almost forgot to add: Go to the Preschool Corner at Homeschool Creations.

5 thoughts on “Preschool Week in Review

  1. OK, I must be doing something wrong, b/c Joe is no where near ready for blending yet. He will write all day long, but he shows no interest at all in blending anything!!

    LOVE your frog hunt!! Fun idea!!

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