Preschool Week in Review: Galveston!

Truthfully this was more a week of catching what was thrown than deliberate learning.



We worked on fine motor skills in preparation for writing with lots of coloring. Superman loves to color, I think that’s why like worksheets so much, because at this age, so much of it is coloring. Of course now that I look at the picture more clearly I see this is actually Batman. This particular activity was drawing a picture of something we’d done….. Ummmm…. apparently we ran into a lot of knights and bad guys. After they illustrated the picture they gave me a caption and helped spell the words as I sounded it out. This leads to interesting spelling, but it’s a good begining reading activity.


We practiced writing letters in the sand. I really liked this activity because they thought it was fun and started it all by themselves. And Superman decided he had a new name spelled “BPELT. That spells Bone Guy.”

Oh, and they read TAG books like crazy. Apparently Superman read his “Star Wars” book for 43 minutes.



We finished off our calendars for September, and then counted all the way up to 30. I still need to work on their writing the numbers. They start to get frustrated and just scribble in the squares. They had lots of fun sharing with Daddy how to count to 30.

We also collected lots of shells, that I’m going to use this week for graphing and such stuff. I just need to get a big bottle of bleach to clean them.



We went and looked at Old Houses. There we learned that it is extremely hard to keep 3 preschoolers patient to walk through. The kids also got to look at the different ways people lived 100 years ago.


Batman learned a very important life skills lesson: Don’t run in the store. He tripped on something, and got a big huge gash in his head. One ER visit later, he can’t go in the water for 3 days……..


This is where we really learned a lot.


We went to the Rain Forest Cafe and learned about rain forest animals. We talked about the fish there, and how the animals are scared by the thunder storm, and why they’re scared. Yes, almost anything you do can be a learning experience.


I include this picture pretty much only because I like it. It looks cool. I really enjoyed Rain Forest Cafe, but did think the prices were a little high, but it was fun.


We collected shells to sort. We’ll be doing lots more stuff with these this week. I have so many ideas!

We visited Moody Gardens and learned lots.


We learned about our bones and how to protect them.


We learned all about fish, and will learn more next week.


We learned about plants and their different uses. I actually got to see a rubber plant for the first time.



We took a walk on the beach at night and collected sea shells. When you’re 2, it is a lot of work to balance on the shifting sands.


We climbed rocks and really got to work on our balance, and occasionally my heart rate.


We swam, a lot for the first two days…… And then on our last day, oh the sun burn.


We got to dodge as they played mini golf…..

7 thoughts on “Preschool Week in Review: Galveston!

  1. “We climbed rocks and really got to work on our balance, and occasionally my heart rate.”

    LOL – you are hilarious. 🙂

    Looks like so much fun!


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