Mini Golf with preschoolers

So, we went to the Bishop’s Palace in the morning. The kids did great trailing through the 100 plus year old mansion they’re not allowed to touch anything in. REALLY great job. What a better way to reward a great job than to take them mini-golfing!

Okay, I really want to tell the Bishop Palace bits I can.

Batman and Princess looking off the balcony.

We waited outside for 20 minutes or so, and the kids had lots of fun checking out the stairs and how much they can go up and down.


So Superman, pictured above, has started sharing his wisdom with us, we’ve started calling it “The Tao of Superman.” As he was carefully walking up and down the stairs he told us “You go down stairs slowly, so you don’t fall down and get an owie.” We also got, “You got to be little careful, so you don’t fall down and get an owie like Batman.” He also has now started telling us, “Hey guys! I got a plan!” Then he’ll tell me his plan, and it usually is a pretty good plan and well thought out.

So, the tour was interesting, especially because we’d gone on it 2 years ago while Jeff’s parents were watching the much younger kiddos. So, the thing I struggle with is why they don’t let us take any photos. This seems to be the new trend nowadays, and it’s a really annoying trend. I like to take pictures, come on people let me take pictures. And like I said the kids were amazing, they were fairly quiet and mostly didn’t touch anything they weren’t supposed to touch.


And we stopped to get lunch, because it was 1:00 something, and that means Ticia needs food. And, the foyer of the restaurant had these cool carousel statues. Does anyone else find carousels as fascinating as I do? I took about 7 pictures of these horses, they’re just cool.

OKay, now to mini-golf for real. I love to go put-putting but sadly there are no real good courses in Austin. I was lamenting this point about the lack of good courses when Jeff named off 3 courses in the Austin area proving me wrong. Sigh….

Here’s how you play mini-golf if you’re a preschooler.


1. Keep hitting the ball over and over again, never let it come to a complete stop.



2. If all else fails pick up the ball and drop it in the hole of the animal/building, you name it.


3. Oh, and of course swing your club like it’s a croquet mallet or a polo club.


4. If you fit inside of the hole, then you of course need to stand there. Regardless of this causes problems for whoever is trying to put.


5. If the windmill is in your way, than just stop the windmill and run in the house.


Meanwhile Daddy is actually trying to golf correctly, and that’s not working super well with the extra help.


And how cool is this, the place has a cave. That and one of the holes was a pirate ship. This is the coolest golf course ever! Really.

So, I can’t tell if the pictures are blurry because I don’t have my glasses on or because it’s blurry. Hmmm, maybe that’s why I”m supposed to be wearing glasses.

Tomorrow, we’re going to visit Moody Gardens.

2 MORE days until Batman can go back in the water. Read to the end of the post to find out why, for those who missed my first post yesterday.

5 thoughts on “Mini Golf with preschoolers

  1. We took our kids mini-golfing for the first time this year, and it was fun. And they followed all of the rules you outlined in your post. LOL! Never let the ball stop moving – just keeping hitting it and hitting it, until you want to pick it up and drop it in the hole!

  2. I haven't tried mini golf with the kiddies yet…would be perfect once it starts to cool down. And maybe we can find a day that nobody else is there 🙂 Thanks for linking to KFF. Enjoy your weekend!

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