Our first few days in Galveston


We’re lucky enough to be able to stay in Galveston for the week. This is the first time the kids have gotten to see the beach and play on it. They’ve been really enjoying it.

We spent the first day just playing on the beach, digging, building sandcastles, and finding lots of “treasures.”


We ran in and out of the ocean. The boys loved playing in there, and decided it was fun to fight the waves. Princess was quite sure she didn’t really want to go in them. She would grudgingly go in to clean her hands, and that’s it.


When we got back they had lots of fun going through and organizing the shells they found. About 30 seconds into it, they had to know why there are shells. So, I explained about where shells came from, and that little animals live in them. Then we talked about how the different shells could be matched up. And how some animals liked to eat the animals in the shells, and the shells protected them.

The next excursion to highlight. We found a jetty of huge boulders, that was just begging to be explored. (And this is in no chronological order).


So we walked down the sidewalk for a while (we weren’t really wearing shoes meant for the beach, this was one of those impromptu excursions that comes up).

Princess as always went at her own pace. I really like pictures of the kids walking I”ve come to realize. Especially pictures of Princess and her Dad walking together.


The boys had lots of fun leaping from boulder to boulder once they got used to it and figured out that they wouldn’t fall through the cracks.


Princess occupied her usual post on Daddy’s shoulders, and was quite happy.

And we can’t seem to have a vacation without some kind of accident. This time Batman was running in a store and did an impressive face plant that made a massive gouge in his face.

So, after spending 10 minutes trying to mop it up and realizing that our first aid kit was not up to snuff. We went to the ER…. I was super impressed with the Galveston ER, they got us back into examination before we finished filling out paperwork, and the nurse was already figuring out how to best treat him. Batman did really good and didn’t freak out too much as they cleaned it out and then glued it together.



First shot is his “owie,” and the second shot is him showing off. He had to show off lots, and needed lots of pictures.

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