Our Preschool Week in Review

Sigh, I hate when I accidentally hit enter instead of tab, then I publish silly blank posts.

So, what did we do this week.


We studied about nests. I’m sure you can tell that’s what Batman drew in his picture. And right next to it is his bird, I got to teach them how to draw a bird.


We tried to find some more rhymes, but truthfully they’re still struggling with this.

We had lots of fun making our Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme for our books.


We played with the Melissa and Doug See and Spell puzzle. I have to say, this was a really great buy. They happily sit and play with it for 30 minutes all by themselves. The only fight that comes about is when someone else wants to make more words and starts to take letters from Superman’s carefully arranged words.

It’s really cute, once he has finished making a word he very carefully sets it to the side and spells the word again. Then he makes his next word and spells it, then he puts it underneath the last word, and spells both words. He repeats this with each word he spells. Of course this slowly but surely uses up all the letters in the set. This starts the fights.



We’ve been in school for 30 days now, so the kids are counting up to 30. Something has randomly clicked in them, because last night when we were counting the turtles in the book, they were getting it all. I don’t know what clicked.

I’ve also started a button jar. When I catch them following directions or doing something I like during school time they get buttons. They also get buttons if they complete work in a set amount of time. So, they practice counting their buttons, because if they get their stickers done in 5 minutes they get 5 buttons. Whoever has the most buttons at the end of the week gets to pick a movie for everyone to watch.


Since we studied nests and animal homes we made a nest.

This was really popular, but also apparently very tiring.

We also played an animal homes matching game. I found pictures of different animals and something that resembled their homes. We made it into a matching game. I’m sure there are more animal homes I could have added in, but this is all I did at this time. I want to someday go back and add more in. Here’s the game, such as it is.

Animal Homes

Social Studies

Since we’re learning about animal homes, I figured this was a great time to head into the next step of “Me on the Map,” and they drew their rooms. They really enjoyed this, and have been enjoying learning to draw more.

We also learned about where our traveling friend O-Mite is from, he’s from Missouri, so we made a book all about Missouri.

Phys Ed


We played outside lots when it wasn’t raining. They got so filthy from all the mud. But, I have my garden almost completely planted for the fall. So, I’m proud of myself.

And, I will hopefully get posts up next week of what all we did this week, but we’re on vacation, and I’ll just have my laptop. So, we’ll see. I want to try……. But you know how that goes.

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