O-Mite is from Missouri

So we learned about Missouri this week.

I went to Enchanted Learning, which is a great site by the way and got the pictures for the different state symbols. I need to check and see if Microsoft has any to use, because then I’ll be sure I’m not violating any copyright infringement. I don’t think I am since I’m saying where I got it from, and I’m not selling it.


Just to let you know what all we did with this. We colored the state of Missouri, then on the map of the U.S. we colored where Texas was on the map and Missouri.


We colored the flag. I don’t think ours would pass muster. They were more excited about the idea of coloring than about actually looking like the flag. And I apologize to the state of Missouri for the way that Princess colored your flag. It has nothing to do with her views on the state, she really enjoyed our drive through the state and going to some of the state. Ummm….. She’s just enthusiastic.


O-Mite had fun looking over Superman’s shoulder as he colored. He hadn’t known before that the state bird was a bluebird. Unless Princess colors it, in which case it’s pink, with just a little blue. And as always I had to fight to get them to color with another color other than their favorite.


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