stART: Me on the Map

Everyone has been reading “Me on the Map” . I’ve been eagerly looking forward to when it fit in with our units. We’re studying to study nests and homes, in the next week or so, this seemed like a good place to start.

The book starts off talking about me. So we made self portraits.

Here’s the super quick directions of how to draw a self portrait:

1. Draw a circle.


2. Draw a small line under the circle for the neck. (that picture got eaten).

3. Draw a rectangle or an oval for the body.


4. Draw sticks at each of the 4 corners for the arms and legs.


5. Draw circles at the end of the arms for hands and draw a line at the end of the legs for feet.


6. Okay, here comes the annoying step that in all drawing instructions, now add details. Mwa ha ha ha ha…… I got lazy in my picture taking, and besides what I add for me, you might not add.

(Notice the camera cord in the picture)

So, I took the kids through this step by step. Princess of course ignored my brilliant instruction, and produced scribble. She’s very proud of it and will tell you it is her, or it’s Aurora, it all depends on what she wants to talk about then.

Superman worked and worked and worked. He went through about 10 sheets of paper. “That’s not my favorite head.” “That’s not my favorite ear.” “I need a new paper.”

Eventually Superman came up with this for his self-portrait. I loved that he wanted it to be a Batman picture of him, and that took him so many tries to get it just right.

Batman seems to of lost his legs. And he’s green, maybe he’s sick.

Look at the delicate brush strokes of Princess’ work. The surreal depiction of herself is very neo-classical.

Hmmmm, when I started out doing the illustrations smaller it seemed clever, now it just looks weird, oh well.

Stay tuned, for one of our stART projects next week we’ll show you Me in My Room as drawn by a 4 year old and a 2 year old. It’s different.

For more great stART projects go over to A Mommy’s Adventures.

Now, I’m off to go remind kids that it’s bed time, not playtime. They struggle with that concept

9 thoughts on “stART: Me on the Map

  1. We haven't read Me On the Map – I'll have to put it on the list. And, I probably wouldn't have noticed the camera cord – but it's nice to know I'm not the only one who takes pictures of it (ocassionally, I like to leave the camera case on the table, so it can make it into a picture too.)

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