Our preschool week in review: apples

So this week was super busy with lots of cooking and such because what else do you do with apples?

We read about Joseph and how Potiphar’s wife lied and got him in trouble. It’s really funny to know the whole story and see the simplified way they tell it to kids. After all, it’s not age apropriate for a 4 year old to hear she was trying to seduce him, but they can still learn from his story of how to avoid temptation.

Language Arts
We read our poems, and talked about rhyming. We went through a lot of the “Ten Apples up on Top” book looking for the rhyming words. They started to get really restless and bored about halfway through, so we stopped. No use pushing it and butting heads. As always we check out lots of books from the library to see those books go to this post.

We also went through some of our books and stuff to find out how we could use them independently. So, I read them “Alphabet Under Construction” and showed them how to trace the letters in the book.

Still plugging away at our calendar time.

We also played a number memory game. It’d be super easy to make if you wanted to, but I cut up a workbook and had the numerals on one piece glued to cardstock, and on the other piece of cardstock the paper that had all of the dots. Then we used it as a memory game, flipping over 2 cards at a time, and keeping it if they matched. This was super popular.

We also cooked a lot! This is great for learning measuring, and counting out scoops of different ingredients. It also is a great motor skill activity to work on motor control for stirring and pouring. We made apple pie, apple cookies, and applesauce. All of which got completely devoured.

After peeling and cutting up all of those apples we then dug the seeds out of one of the cores, and planted them. We’re still waiting for them to grow up, but I’m hopeful they will.

We continued talking about how trees grow. I got to feel a bit of maternal pride as my neighbor was talking with me and her daughter was picking leaves off the tree. Now, her daughter is in 5th grade. I asked her not to take all the leaves off because the tree needs the leaves to make it’s food. She looked at me in surprise, and hadn’t known that. Then, Batman comes up and tells her all about how the leaves make food for the tree, and they need rain to get the water they need. It was very cool.

We also experimented with which apples we liked and the different tastes of the apples.

We played Go Fish with Jolanthe’s Fruit and Vegetable cards and talked about how the different foods and what we’d eaten. I’m going to bag those up, and keep them around for when we talk about vegetables. Oh, and notice the bright blue chapstick on Princess’ face. I don’t know where she finds the stuff.

Social Studies
We made a trip to a different grocery store to get all of our fruits, so we got to talk about different places people go to get their food.

We’re also participating in a Flat Stanley project with lots of other people. We’ve decorated our “Stanleys” and then mailed them off to their first destination: North Carolina. We’re eagerly looking forward to getting our visitors. The kids keep running to the mailbox to see if it’s there yet. Except we drive to our mailbox, because it’s a couple of blocks over, so not quite. But, they do ask about going to the mail a lot.

That’s actually our second set of Stanleys in the picture, they wanted to have some to keep. I’m such an indulgent Mommy….

We read “How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World,” and marked down where she went to get everything. We of course then had to make the pie.

We also started reading “Me on the Map,” and will soon be posting our marvelous maps we make. We’ll see how it goes, my kids’ drawing skills are somewhat lacking, so this should be interesting.


We drew a picture of our theme for the week. Here’s Superman proudly holding up his apple. I had to write our “words to remember” on the page next to it because he wanted a BIG apple.

We put together our nursery rhyme for the week, and the kids had lots of fun. I think they were glad of a simpler project this week.

I almost forgot to add, here’s some other great apple links that I found:

Apple prints– I almost did this same project, but ran out of time.

apple bean bag– super duper cute

Apple Orchard– cute art project

Lots of apple ideas-more than you could ever do really, she did great research

Categorizing fruits and veggies in real life– my garden is just not that good.

Apple finger play– or it could be, she used it as a felt board, both ways are super cute

I’m gonna end with my favorite picture of the week:


Isn’t she cute? Black eye and all.

For more great ideas for preschool go to Homeschool Creations
For more great general homeschool ideas go to Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers

9 thoughts on “Our preschool week in review: apples

  1. Thank you so much for these great links! I need to try those fruit and veggie cards too.

    You did SO much this week, wow.

    Our library didn't have any copies of that book about the map and apple pie checked in, but I did request it. Great idea, sounds very fun.

    Love the picture of Princess in the Batman pj's:-).

  2. I have those fruit and veggie cards too – such a great idea to play go fish with them! Thanks for all the links – we're going to do a lot of things with apples in a couple of weeks as part of our Autumn Theme, so I'll be taking a close look at those links! Love the blue chapstick, hee hee. πŸ™‚

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