Our art explosion

So, I’m ashamed to post these, but maybe this will get my but in gear to get these areas organized.

Here is the kitchen stuff:

This cabinet holds on the top shelf some Easter egg dye for random projects, old valentines for random projects. Basically some after season craft items bought for pennies.
Next shelf holds watercolors, glue, colored pencils, more glue, and lots of crayons. All bought at the back to school sales. I believe in stocking up while it’s super cheap.
The bottom shelf of craft supplies holds our materials for our Bible study and some playdough. If they have free access to the playdough then I constantly buy more because they forget to close it. This is still a problem this way, but not as bad.

The cabinet next to it holds the paint. Up there I have random acrylic paints I have and then lots of poster paint. Again, my kids are still working on self control, so I can’t keep those at their level.

Left to their own devices, this is what the kid’s art supplies look like. Superman loves to color, and gets out coloring books, crayons and markers, all the time. The middle drawer holds their cleaning supplies, and the top drawer holds our kid tea sets.

Here’s that same drawer after I spent 15 minutes sorting through it all, taking out the old books, throwing away dried out markers, and putting broken crayons in a different tub to be used in future craft projects.

Upstairs in the sewing/school room I have all the fun supplies. This is where the mess really is, and I’m working on that…. Slowly, like a glacier. What you can see here is one of my fabric shelves. I also have up here, pom poms (which we call fuzzies), pipe cleaners (which Batman uses to make traps for bad guys), stickers (a lot of stickers), and various scrapbooking materials.

This is where I keep my buttons, and where I’m slowly putting away all of my ribbons and trim. I love to buy all of these, but don’t always use them. I’m working on using up what I have.

And, here’s my big project. This is what I do when I have spare time, clean/organize/get rid of massive amounts of stuff. I’m cleaning out this closet so I can truly get the art supplies and stuff ogranized so we have better access to it, and so I don’t have to go where is ______________ (fill in whatever item I’ve most recently lost). It’s slowly coming along. Very slowly.

These are the tubs full of stuff that I’m admitting I will not get to that project, or my tastes have changed. For instance, why when I was pregnant with twins did I bugy fabric to make curtains for a condo we were only living in for 4 months? What was I thinking?

So, now you see my dirty little secret, I am a mess, I’m working to get it under control, and that’s why I”m not always posting on the show off your space posts. It’s not ready to show off. I’m working on it. It’s coming, kind of. Maybe.

To see art spaces that are clean go to Teaching My Little Bookworm.

9 thoughts on “Our art explosion

  1. This isn't as bad as you think! I have a feeling we all have messy cabinets once in a while. 😉 And, oh what I would give for a sewing room… I want one so badly. It would be lovely to have the cute shelving with jars and ribbon spools and a table always set up to sew and craft on. I am jealous! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Seriously, did you see the craft closet of mine before I reorganized it. OH, go read my very first FMM post too, on my family blog. You'll see that I only keep what people “see” organized in our home.

    The craft area was out of desperation for me, as is any closet area:-). I hate organizing closets and drawers.

  3. Love all the stuff. You have lots of stuff to be creative with. Ok where did you find that shelf for ribbons and shelfs for cute jars of buttons.

    I to wish I had the sewing/craft room.

    Happy crafting.

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