Cool Magazines to read with kiddos

Well, since I posted all our cool apple books last week, I don’t have any new books to post this week, so I’ll instead tell you about my favorite little guy magazines. Widgets

So, here I go through them:

Your Big Backyard- this is put together by the National Wildlife Federation, and I used to get this as a kid. I might even still have a few copies. It’s got articles that are at a preschool interest level and it’s all about animals. The issues I’ve bought are all slowly falling apart. This is on my wishlist of subscriptions.

National Geographic Kids- I think the one I’ve linked to is the one for elementary age. I think the one for younger kiddos might be called “National Geogrpahic for Little Kids.” Again this is one that I had a subscription for as a kid, and is on my wish list. It’s similar in format to “Big Backyard,” but the size is a little smaller, and it has pullout animal trading cards. Which my kids carry around and pretend are phones.

High Five- Also on my subscription wish list. This is a younger version of the highlights magazine. It’s got simple hidden picture puzzles, and what wrong with this picture, and in the back of each issue there is a pullout game of some kind. We’ve had fun with lots of these, and made the “snowman cookies” from a January issue a few years ago.

Chirp- I just found this at the library a few days ago, and checked out a bound copy of several issues. It seems to be on the same lines as High Five, and has lots of short stories and a few hidden picture ideas. I’m not sure, but I got the vibe that this was a United Kingdom magazine. Don’t know quite why I got that vibe.

Family Fun- not really a kid magazine, but it’s got all sorts of cool craft ideas, product reviews, and generally it’s a fun read. This is one of those magazines that inspires me, I may not do most of the items in it, but it gives me ideas.

The Lizard Man of Crabtree County- okay, so this isn’t a magazine, but I suddenly remembered checking this out a few years ago with the kids and think at the time it was super duper cute. It’s about a boy who thinks his town is so boring, and wishes something would happen. Then he starts hearing stories of a lizard man. At the time we first checked it out, it was way over their heads, but I think they might like it now, so I need to check it out again.

To see what else people are reading go over to Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns.

6 thoughts on “Cool Magazines to read with kiddos

  1. M gets High Five each month – it was a gift from grandma. He loves it and gets so excited every time a new issue arrives. And I love Family Fun – I check it out at our library every chance I get (I'm too cheap for a subscription and our library is literally just down the road from us). I have thought about Your Big Backyard… maybe I'll check it out at the library and see if M likes it. Thanks for sharing these!

  2. I had a subscription to Your Big Backyard as a kid, and I remember loving it. Thanks for reminding me of it and of these other options, my daughter is getting to an age where she could enjoy a magazing subscription.

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