Our Preschool Week in Review: Leaf

We didn’t really achieve as much as I wanted to with this theme. We had guests coming for the weekend, and the weather was just too hot to really do much outside. More on that when we get to science.



You may have notice there was no nursery rhyme post last week. Well, here’s what happened, I got them all set up to make it. We’d started and created the the trunks of our trees using our handprints. I went away to make copies of the bear I’d just sketched out, and I returned to this:


So, it became free art…… This is a lesson, make sure you have all supplies before you start painting. So, they got to have lots of fun painting while I did this:

Unloaded the dishwasher, not anywhere near as much fun. Oh well.

We also made leaf men from the book The Leaf Men



Such a lazy catch all term for anything vaguely reading associated. We worked on finding words based off their first letters using our poem of the week from My Very Own Poetry Collection.


We made our letter of the week out of blocks and picked the letter L out of the alphabet.

And of course we read lots of books.

Oh, and my proudest moment of the week was when their grandparents came down and Superman wrote his name in chalk on the sidewalk all by himself, with no help or prompting whatsoever. This also led to a bit of an epiphany for me that the handwriting pages I’ve been using for the boys are too small for their skills right now, so I’m just going to use the Handwriting Without Tears workbook, which has big huge letters, and really is more up their alley than the My Father’s World workbook.


We’re still going on with our calendar time. I’m thinking of adding back in having them make a number of the day. It’s kind of silly if they can rote count up to 15 to 20 but have a hard time with saying how many something is. I’m still working on what we’ll do with this. That, and maybe some games to add in.


Leaf-so we talked a lot about how trees need leaves to help them make their food. We talked about how trees get their food. We observed the plants growing in our yards.

Here’s where it got difficult. Right now the Austin area is under a drought, so that means most of the plants in this area do not have enough water, and those that do are at Botanical gardens or other such places that really don’t want you picking leaves. We made one field trip to look for some leaves and look at them. But, it was really rather depressing to see what is usually a perfectly wonderful park that has a gorgeous pond, but now the pond’s water level has dropped about 10 feet and the creek is all dried up.

So, we mostly got leaves off the ground and a few off this bush.

Here’s activities you can do with leaves:

make a leaf rubbing- get a non-dehydrated leaf and put paper on top, rub over it with crayons.
Classify leaves- sort them by shape and type. I suppose I could have printed off some leaf pictures to do that, should of that of that earlier.
Make a sun catcher- get contact paper and put your leaves on them, put crayon shavings and glitter on it. Then put another piece of contact paper on top and then punch a hole, put ribbon on it, and you have a marvelous leaf catcher. You could also do this with wax paper, and then iron it. That looks even cooler because the crayons melt.
Make a reverse picture of the leaf- put the leaf on a piece of paper and paint around it. When you’re done peel it up.
Study the parts of a leaf- Look at the veins and talk about how that’s how the trees get their water to the leaves through the veins.

Field Trips

With grandparents in town to celebrate their birthdays we went on lots of field trips:

We went to http://adventuresofmommyness.blogspot.com/2009/09/zilker-botanical-gardens.html

We went to the Bob Bullock museum.

We went to the duck park.

Oh and of course they cleaned a lot.

Because that’s what you do when the in-laws are coming.

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3 thoughts on “Our Preschool Week in Review: Leaf

  1. I've got to check out HWOT. Keep seeing so many great things about it. Tell me, do you know what the main difference is between it and the Code series we use?

    I hope you really enjoyed having gparents in town. It looks like you did and you definitely got to do lots of fun things too. Funny, it's been hot there and we had a “cool” spell here last week.

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