stART- Leaf Men

Leaf Men– This is a super cute book about an old woman who is sick, and how the bugs in her garden are worried. They summon Leaf Men (who are a lot like elves) to help them save the day.

After we read this the kids all wanted leaf men. So we made some. I based the craft off of the The Felt Wee Folk book I checked out from the library last fall.

To make this you need a sheet of felt, 2 pipe cleaners, a small wooden bead, and some glue.

Oh, and markers.

Twist the 2 pipe cleaners into roughly a human shape.

Cut out a leaf shape from the felt, and then cut out pants.

Sew on the pants real fast, and then sew the leaf man on.

While you do this let your kid happily color the woden bead and draw a face, or something approximating a face. Sorry this is the only photo of the in-process. The kids were a litle eager to get their guys.

Once all the clothes are on, put on your head. If you can pry it away from the kids long enough glue the head on (our heads didn’t get glued on until that night, because they wanted to play with it NOW!). This meant I had to put the heads back on a lot.

And if you’re Princess decide that your Leaf Man needs a feather. It’s much cuter that way.

Batman’s, the only one that had a discernable face. Notice the stick sword. We had to make a special trip to the park to find that one.

In theory this is a picture of Superman’s, but Batman wanted to show off his naked Leaf Man.

The kids had a blast helping me make these. We’ll probably make more as the inspiration hit us. They’re fun and cute.

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8 thoughts on “stART- Leaf Men

  1. This is so fun! Love this book suggestion too–thanks.

    I am trying to figure out how to work stART into our week:-)–may take a while! Such a great weekly linky and project though.

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