My Very Own Poetry Collection

My Very Own Poetry Collection: 101 Poems for Kindergartners

I got this book back when I was teaching 1st grade, at the time I don’t know there was a 1st grade collection, but we had a lot of fun with this one. It covers many of the topics covered in Kinder and 1st: transportation, seasons, all about me, so on and so forth.

It’s printed on perforated pages, so you can easily tear pages out to make copies. I took all the pages out and put them in page protectors and made copies of the sentence strips on cardstock and put it in the same page with the poem it goes with. Here’s how we use it.

1. Each kid gets a copy of the poem to glue into their poetry notebook.
2. We take the sentence strips (these are one line from the poem) and work together to put them in order on the pocket chart. If you didn’t have a pocket chart you could just do this on the floor. At this point, this is just a matching the same letters activity, not reading yet.
3. We also say the poem together everyday.

Here’s other things you can do with these poems, or other poems, or nursery rhymes:

1. Look for sight words.
2. Look for the letter you’re studying for the week. This can be more challenging if the letter is in the middle of the word.
3. Make actions to go with the words.
4. Find rhyming words.
5. This is a higher level skill, but look for a rhyming pattern.

What we’ve been reading this week

I’m joining up with this blog hop, because we read a lot, and I like to see what other’s are reading, and besides this forces me to be somewhat organized, and that’s always a good thing.


Sun Up, Sun Down by Gail Gibbons– awesome informational book about the sun, and how it affects us. Written right about preschool/early elementary level. I highly recommend any Gail Gibbons book you see, she has yet to make a bad one that I’ve seen.


Captain Invincible and the Space Shapes – I hadn’t realized when we checked this out that it was about 3-d shapes, and my kids aren’t quite ready for that. So, they enjoyed it, but not enough to want to read again.

sun – A little girl goes in and out changing her clothes as the weather changes. No one was super duper wanting to read this lots, but it’s cute. We have another version we own that I like better about a bunny.


Bear Shadow – This is the big winner of the week, and was what got me thinking about our shadow experiment. I personally really loved it when today, one of my boys started retelling the story only changing it to being about his shadow.


The Sun – meh, not great, not bad. I like the Gail Gibbons more. But, if you want some great real photos this book is for you.


Me and My Place in Space – I have loved these books for years. And when Our Homeschool Fun started talking about geography books for this age, I immediately thought of this series. I love all of the books in this series, and realized my kids are ready to enjoy these too. This book does a great job picking up where “Me on the Map” leaves off, it starts at Earth and goes out to Universe level and then back down. My kids love it. Probably not as much as me, but that’d be hard.

So, that’s what we read this week. For more great posts on what people have been reading go to the Well Read Child.

Nursery Rhyme: Itsy Bitsy Spider

Do you know how hard it is to find a nursery rhyme about the sun? There are none in the traditional, you can sort of force one to fit, but not really. So, here’s ours:

Supplies needed: yarn (about 12 inches), a piece of felt (one piece will do for several kids), construction paper, scissors, glue, markers, stamp pad (or paint or a dot marker), nursery rhyme book

Mommy prep:

Take your piece of felt and cut a circle about the size of a jar lid. Now cut a wedge out of two sides. It should look like this:


Now, take each of those sides, and cut it so there are 8 legs total, 4 on each side. Then in the body cut two small slits. This is to feed the yarn through. Feed the yarn through an tie a nice strong knot. Obviously older kids could do this themselves. Another version would be to cut a smaller circle and 4 long skinny rectangles. The 4 rectangles could be tied on the bottom after you cut the slits. That just seemed more work, and a good way for the spider to lose a leg.

Now to what your child does. First print out the words

The Itsy Bitsy Spider Went Up the Water Spout

Now cute the words apart at the sections. Now glue to the top of two facing pages.


Draw a line on the construction paper dividing it roughly in thirds. Have your kids cut along the lines. For one of the thirds cut it into two roughly equal pieces. These are your water spout.

Glue one of the larger rectangles on the side going up the page. Glue the other large rectangle on the other page. Use the small rectangle to form the bottom part of the spout. It should look like a slightly wonky capital L at this point.

Batman stamping away

Here’s where what supplies you have on hand come in handy. You can make the rain many different ways. We had “Do a Dot paint” markers. So my kids used this. Last time we did this we did fingerprints from paint, you could also use stamp pads for this.

On the other side draw a picture of a sun. You could also cut a circle out of construction paper. My kids were losing interest, so I skipped that step.

Now get a spare piece of construction paper, and glue the other end of the string to the paper. You want this nice and strong, and want to caution your kid not to be excited while it’s still drying.

Now happily act it out as Batman is doing.


I’ll try to get a McLinky up next week. So everyone can share what they’ve done. I’ve never done one before, but would love to see what everyone else does.

For next week, we’re doing “Hey Diddle Diddle,” keep an eye out for brads (they’re usually in the school supply aisle, it might take some finding), and stock up on construction paper while it’s on sale!

Experiments in the Sun

Also known as, why did it have to rain on that day?


First we got some grapes. We put these in little metal cups to see how long it would take to turn into raisins. It took about 5-6 days, and they’re kind of raisiny looking now. I will say if you want an instant results experiment that is not it. Go for the next one:

Shadow measuring. We started off the morning lining everyone up on the sidewalk and drawing a box around them. That was so I knew where to have them stand next time we came out.

Then I drew a line where their shadow ended and then have them make a prediction of where their shadow would be when we came out again.


We would come out approximately once an hour. Each time we came out our shadows had grown shorter. The boys eventually caught on and changed their predictions to reflect that.

After our 1:00 measuring they went in for their nap. When we came out at 3:00 the clouds had covered up the sun, so no shadow. Instead they got to predict why they didn’t have a shadow. They all were able to explain that the sun was hiding behind the clouds. Score!

the different shadow measurements, and our final 3:00 measurement with no shadow.

At 3:00 the experiment was called on account of rain

More about Legos

works for me wednesday

My kids have all been working very hard at keeping their rooms clean and their beds made. Each week if they’ve done that every day they get $2, one for the bed and one for the room. They’ve been saving for a month, and they proudly went out and bought their first Lego sets (sadly I didn’t get pictures of them buying, and thankfully we had a very understanding cashier at Wal-Mart). We got home and spent a long time putting it all together. Every one’s been asking lots of great questions about my Lego organization. Hopefully I’ll answer them all, so here goes:

1. Where did I get my drawers?
You can get a very similar one, if not the same at Home Depot. I’ve also seen similar at Lowe’s, Joanns, probably Michaels, heck probably even Wal-Mart. It’s part of the garage storage at the home improvement stores, at Joann’s it’s part of their general storage area. I’m sure there’s also a version at Container Store. I haven’t seen anything like it at Ikea’s yet.

2. What do I do with sets?
I break them up and put them in the drawers. In the long run it actually does make it easier to find the right piece because you always know it’s in this drawer. I do let them keep some things put together and in a small box, that’s just self defense for the whining.

3. What do I do with the instruction books.
I ALWAYS save them. I also save the backs of the boxes. Usually the backs will have pictures of different ways you could put it together. This is a great problem solving activity, because you have to figure out how to put together the picture with no directions. They go in a small tote bag that’s on the side table.

Here’s how they currently look in my family room from left to right:

The large bases store between the TV table and the wall.

The lego drawers are under the table. The kids don’t like this arrangement as much, but they can be pulled out if need be.

The bag of instructions on the other side of the coffee table. This is the same bag the instructions were in for me as a kid. I’m pretty much stealing my Lego organization straight from what my Mom did (only slightly simpler, it’s not by color). Sigh, I just noticed the empty soda can…..

And when I went to get the pictures, my sons who had come down about 5 minutes earlier complaining about being awake were asleep.

Superman on his favorite spot on the couch.

Batman stumbled in to cry at me, and then I told him to go sleep on my bed. He apparently took my advice.

Our new morning routine

Back about 6-9 months ago I had a morning routine post I put up. Well, this is an update of what we’re doing now.

(on the right is a 100s chart I found in the Target dollar aisle, the middle is an alphabet chart used for playing games, and on the left is the calendar, on the bottom is a pocket chart I made to hold the different things we’re doing)

We start by updating our calendar. My helper for the day adds the current day and then leads us in counting. I found a set of Carson Dellosa calendar days that was double sided, so it makes it easy to do a simple pattern.


Next each kid writes the day of the month in their individual calendar. I”m using this to practice writing numbers and how to write in general. Princess mainly scribbles along and complains that she can’t do it. I’m trying to get her to learn to ask me without whining. The whining gets really grating.

(Superman is on the left, he really does have shorts, and Batman is on the right)

Then they put in stickers for the number of days we’ve been in school. I have a piece of card stock I’ve hole-punched after reinforcing the top with packing tape. We put a number sticker on the page, and then they put the same number of stickers on the page.


Now my helper colors in the number of days we’ve done school on our hundred chart. When we get to 100 days we’ll have a party. Yes, I’m shamelessly stealing from the public school 100 day celebration.

That’s it for the everyday activities, here’s some things we do on different days, but not everyday:

Draw a picture of our theme for the week (can you tell that’s a sun?). If it’s more complicated than draw a circle and straight lines I’m going to try and post instructions, but I figured it’d be facetious for a sun. And just for the record that is Superman.

Make our letter for the week with our letter pieces.

Cut out letter pictures, we then file them in an index card box to use for other activities.


We also have a poem of the week we go over. I’ll post a review of that this week in one of my later postings. It’s a great book to pick up. The poem is in strips in the small blue pocket chart. If you ever see a small table sized pocket chart for sale, grab it, they have so many uses.


Find our letter for the week amongst different alphabet sets. I actually have 3 different ways to do this, so each kid gets a chance at a different one at the same time. I usually make it easier for Princess by cutting down on her number of choices.

So, that’s our morning routine. I’ll probably in the week in review post let you know of any particular things I did to make that week’s special. So far the kids are loving being my special helper. I’m only having to work on occasional bad attitudes.

Giveaway Winners and results of my informal poll and such stuff

So, here’s the big winners:

For the Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons:

Pink & Green Mama said…
My 6 year old is just starting to read but I’m trying to find new ways to help her along, this book looks like it would be a huge help. I’m artsy but always need help with curriculum ideas.
I’m always making art projects with the girls – I made Rainbow Rice Bottles with them last week for our road trip to Pennsylvania. They were a huge hit in the car!!

For the Hands On Homeschooling age 2

CJ said…
What a great giveaway. One of the several websites that I like is

I have now emailed or commented on the winners blogs and they have 2 days to contact me for me to send the prize!

And here’s what I found were the favorite websites:

Homeschool Creations – that one seemed almost like a cheat because they’re hosting the giveaway, but I figure if you’re just finding cool preschool/primary sites then it makes sense to name it

Homemaking Fun – I hadn’t heard of this one before, so I’m going to have fun checking it out.

Jumpstart – I’ve heard great things about this one, but haven’t wanted to plunge into a subscription site for my kids yet.

TOTLOL – it’s like Youtube for kids, without you having to moderate as much, at least that’s what it looks like to me. I think I just found a great new place to waste a lot of time, I mean find educational videos for my kids.

PBS Kids – truthfully, I haven’t taken near as much advantage of this site as I should. It’s pretty awesome.

Homeschool Share -I didn’t link to their main page, this is their alphabet section, which is excellent, and I’m using with my kids right now. I haven’t done super well with their preschool lapbooks for me, but that’s just me. However I’m loving the alphabet stuff.

Starfall – if you haven’t been there, it’s great and go check it out. If you have, this is a great reminder of it’s awesomeness. Actually I should show my kids the “M” video when I get them up from nap, in all too soon.

Prekinders – This is another new one to me. From my quick glance at it, it looks pretty cool!

1+1+1=1 – I’ll echo that one, she has lots of great stuff that she’s made for her kids, that I’ve used with mine.

ABC Jesus Loves Me– a preschool curriculum, for those who didn’t win the Hands on Homeschooling, this could be for you.

Joyful Learning – at Mother’s Hubbard, another preschool curriculum site

ABC and 123 – I love their posts, and am having lots of fun with their picnic posts right now

Family Fun Education – I’m going to have to take their word for it, that this is a great site, my computer has decided it doesn’t like that one

Making Learning Fun – I just looked at their themes pages and there are tons of them!

Totally Tots – another great site, much like ABC and 123, but aimed for a younger age

Letter of the Week – also called Brightly Beaming, another great free curriculum, if you do use it, join the yahoo group, there are a bunch of great printables to be gotten through that group

Kid’s Science Experiments – this looks to cover all of the traditional early elementary science topics

Bembo’s Zoo – I’d definitely say it’s educational, and it’s lots of fun. My kids have so much fun looking at the animals they make and finding the letters. This would also be a great springboard for an older child’s art activity.

Homeschool Library – I’m so glad I asked people to give me their favorite learning sites, I’m finding so many new ones.

Raising Itty Bitty Bookworms – I just love the word picture of the name

The Crafty Crow – always a great source to find fun crafts and the occasional new blog to follow

Christian Preschool Printables – more great crafts and things to do from a Biblical perspective

To all of those, I’ll add two more of my own, you guys got most of my favorites:

Kinderprintables – It’s coming back up soon, but she has all sorts of great printables that she does

Childcareland – lots and lots of printables for many different themes. The games are all somewhat derivative of each other, but that’s what little guys like. Just be prepared to go out and use lots of ink when you go to her site.

It looked like what people most wanted me to post more about were: Nursery Rhymes, organization, legos, and tot school. That works out well, because those were the things I wanted to post more about. I’m going to be trying to tie my nursery rhyme of the week to my theme as much as possible. So, last week we learned about the sun, and so our nursery rhyme was “The Itsy Bitsy Spider.” There’s not a lot of rhymes about the sun, sadly.

I’ll post more about Legos and organization as it’s appropriate (meaning as I get it done), and as I find ways to put it in. For now I better get dinner started and groceries put away. I’m giving up on the thought of my kids actually napping, despite their desperately needing it.

Our Week in Review

I always sit down to write these things thinking we did practically nothing that was educational. Then I start writing, and discover we did lots of things.

Here’s a quick summary:


We went to Zilker Park. And while there we got to learn about bees, and what bees make for us and how they helped flowers. We also learned about water and trains.


We finished our Creation Book. My kids saw that as a chance to see how many stickers fit on a page.

Princess got her mail in the Super Summer Swap. This has led to A LOT of discussion on patience, and a lot of going to check the mail as the boys are very EAGERLY waiting for their mail.


And we played with friends. This led to mulptiple comments about how much they like babies. Keep trying kids, that’s not in the current plans. Three is quite enough for me.

We also started up our morning calendar time. I posted on that once before, and I’ll write a post about that again, because I’ve changed our routine again. But, here’s what we used to do: Morning Routine.

For more great Preschool ideas go to Homeschool Creations

All ’bout me

Well, Carissa over at 1+1+1=1 is hosting an “All About Me” linky, and K over at Orange Juice (I always get paranoid about misspelling your name, isn’t that sad?) gave me the Honest Scrap award (I had my choice, and that amused me most). So, I’m combinging these into the same post and telling you a little more about me. Here goes:

My name is: Ticia

I have: 3 kids, twin boys who are 4, and a little girl who is 2. They are very energetic. And seem to of forgotten what nap means this week. Sigh

I am: a wife, a mother, a daughter, a bookworm, a seamstress (technically that’s not acurate, but I hate the term sewer), a crafter, and probably many more things

The name of my blog is: Adventures in Mommydom, every now and then I think of sarcastically renaming it The Adventures of SuperMommy…… But I think people might take me seriously.

I blog about: my life, which includes: homeschooling, sewing, random crafts, things I find funny or insightful

I have been reading at 1+1+1=1: about a year

This is my first time commenting on 1+1+1=1: no, but I don’t tend to comment unless there’s not too many comments, or I have something useful to say. I hate to be repetitive of everyone else

My favorite Bible verse: this changes a lot, I usually go back to Romans 8:28, which of course I’ve now completely blanked on

I participate in Tot School: sometimes….. I’m running into that Princess is doing more of preschool and not Tot School activities, so I haven’t been posting there as much.

And here’s 10 more random facts about me:

1. I learned to sew in 4-H. I am immensly greatful for my teacher, and love that she did this for me.

2. I am very messy by nature. I have a tendency to start a project and not finish it. I am working hard to combat this by trying to organize stuff. This is slowly happening. Very slowly. I also have 3 kids who are undoing all my organizing.

3. To go with being messy I am a pack rat. I’m trying to get rid of stuff so my house can look clean. I’m fighting my tendency to “keep it just in case I need it.” Sigh…..

4. I used to read about one Star Trek novel a day in high school. As you can guess I reread a lot of books.

5. I love fantasy novels. I also love the young adult fantasy novels, because they don’t feel the need to show they’re “adult” by adding in random sex scenes.

6. I have 5 bookshelves full of books. Those are just my books. My husband has another 5. I’m going to have to start double packing my books soon.

7. If my boys had their way they would spend their whole lives wearing the same two shirts with their capes on them. I had to force the shirts off last week with tears. Real tears.

8. Princess loves shoes. She also loves to randomly leave her shoes around the house. I don’t love this.

9. I like to play silly worthless timewaster games on Facebook. It’s really silly.

10. I play World of Warcraft with a bunch of my husband’s college friends. I have a level 80 night elf druid. My boys love to sit on my lap and watch me play. It’s kind of funny. This of course makes me a bad Mom, because they are watching violence.

Go see more great intro posts over at Carissa’s blog.

The funniness of kids

“This is my kid. A boy kid, not a girl kid. I have kiddos, boy kiddos, not girl kiddos. Your girl kiddos go to your house, not my house.” That’s what was explained to Princess by Batman. They’ve been playing house, for lack of a better term. They all have kids, now some of their kids may be rather furry………

Sometimes they just crack me up.

Oh, and for those who say that playing with princess dolls leads to a rescue me complex or some other such nonsense, here’s how Princess was playing with hers at the pool.

She had Ariel (the Little Mermaid) and Superman.

Superman would fall in the water and had to cry “help, help, help, rescue me.” Then Ariel would jump in the water and pull him up to safety. It was the most hilarious thing.