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My kids have all been working very hard at keeping their rooms clean and their beds made. Each week if they’ve done that every day they get $2, one for the bed and one for the room. They’ve been saving for a month, and they proudly went out and bought their first Lego sets (sadly I didn’t get pictures of them buying, and thankfully we had a very understanding cashier at Wal-Mart). We got home and spent a long time putting it all together. Every one’s been asking lots of great questions about my Lego organization. Hopefully I’ll answer them all, so here goes:

1. Where did I get my drawers?
You can get a very similar one, if not the same at Home Depot. I’ve also seen similar at Lowe’s, Joanns, probably Michaels, heck probably even Wal-Mart. It’s part of the garage storage at the home improvement stores, at Joann’s it’s part of their general storage area. I’m sure there’s also a version at Container Store. I haven’t seen anything like it at Ikea’s yet.

2. What do I do with sets?
I break them up and put them in the drawers. In the long run it actually does make it easier to find the right piece because you always know it’s in this drawer. I do let them keep some things put together and in a small box, that’s just self defense for the whining.

3. What do I do with the instruction books.
I ALWAYS save them. I also save the backs of the boxes. Usually the backs will have pictures of different ways you could put it together. This is a great problem solving activity, because you have to figure out how to put together the picture with no directions. They go in a small tote bag that’s on the side table.

Here’s how they currently look in my family room from left to right:

The large bases store between the TV table and the wall.

The lego drawers are under the table. The kids don’t like this arrangement as much, but they can be pulled out if need be.

The bag of instructions on the other side of the coffee table. This is the same bag the instructions were in for me as a kid. I’m pretty much stealing my Lego organization straight from what my Mom did (only slightly simpler, it’s not by color). Sigh, I just noticed the empty soda can…..

And when I went to get the pictures, my sons who had come down about 5 minutes earlier complaining about being awake were asleep.

Superman on his favorite spot on the couch.

Batman stumbled in to cry at me, and then I told him to go sleep on my bed. He apparently took my advice.

7 thoughts on “More about Legos

  1. it looks fun but we have too many legos and would need at least 4 sets of those drawer units! LOL. And we would sort by color at my house – we're obsessive like that!

  2. I too have no organization for our legos besides them being in their own tote. We have so many. It seems every day I find a lego piece in some room in the house. Legos are so awesome. We love to go to Lego Land at the Mall of America.

  3. I love those drawer units! My son has worked hard to keep his room fairly clean and bed made too this summer. I might reward him with one of these units for all his lego pieces .We picked up a cheap one at Aldi but it's not quite as nice. Great ideas!

  4. So far our Legos are in two very big boxes (one for Lego, one for Duplo). I wish I had more space in Anna's room to organize them better. I like the idea, but we are talking “very big boxes” here – I am afraid, I will need a lot of those boxes to put ours away.

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