All ’bout me

Well, Carissa over at 1+1+1=1 is hosting an “All About Me” linky, and K over at Orange Juice (I always get paranoid about misspelling your name, isn’t that sad?) gave me the Honest Scrap award (I had my choice, and that amused me most). So, I’m combinging these into the same post and telling you a little more about me. Here goes:

My name is: Ticia

I have: 3 kids, twin boys who are 4, and a little girl who is 2. They are very energetic. And seem to of forgotten what nap means this week. Sigh

I am: a wife, a mother, a daughter, a bookworm, a seamstress (technically that’s not acurate, but I hate the term sewer), a crafter, and probably many more things

The name of my blog is: Adventures in Mommydom, every now and then I think of sarcastically renaming it The Adventures of SuperMommy…… But I think people might take me seriously.

I blog about: my life, which includes: homeschooling, sewing, random crafts, things I find funny or insightful

I have been reading at 1+1+1=1: about a year

This is my first time commenting on 1+1+1=1: no, but I don’t tend to comment unless there’s not too many comments, or I have something useful to say. I hate to be repetitive of everyone else

My favorite Bible verse: this changes a lot, I usually go back to Romans 8:28, which of course I’ve now completely blanked on

I participate in Tot School: sometimes….. I’m running into that Princess is doing more of preschool and not Tot School activities, so I haven’t been posting there as much.

And here’s 10 more random facts about me:

1. I learned to sew in 4-H. I am immensly greatful for my teacher, and love that she did this for me.

2. I am very messy by nature. I have a tendency to start a project and not finish it. I am working hard to combat this by trying to organize stuff. This is slowly happening. Very slowly. I also have 3 kids who are undoing all my organizing.

3. To go with being messy I am a pack rat. I’m trying to get rid of stuff so my house can look clean. I’m fighting my tendency to “keep it just in case I need it.” Sigh…..

4. I used to read about one Star Trek novel a day in high school. As you can guess I reread a lot of books.

5. I love fantasy novels. I also love the young adult fantasy novels, because they don’t feel the need to show they’re “adult” by adding in random sex scenes.

6. I have 5 bookshelves full of books. Those are just my books. My husband has another 5. I’m going to have to start double packing my books soon.

7. If my boys had their way they would spend their whole lives wearing the same two shirts with their capes on them. I had to force the shirts off last week with tears. Real tears.

8. Princess loves shoes. She also loves to randomly leave her shoes around the house. I don’t love this.

9. I like to play silly worthless timewaster games on Facebook. It’s really silly.

10. I play World of Warcraft with a bunch of my husband’s college friends. I have a level 80 night elf druid. My boys love to sit on my lap and watch me play. It’s kind of funny. This of course makes me a bad Mom, because they are watching violence.

Go see more great intro posts over at Carissa’s blog.

2 thoughts on “All ’bout me

  1. Tycia why would you be worried about misspelling my name? ROTFL JUST KIDDING! I totally spelled your name wrong on purpose. hee hee

    K works or Kristi Or Kristiana or Butt Head (I've been called that before)

    I didn't know they taught to sew in 4H..then again I know nothing about 4H so that doesn't mean much does it?

    We're a lot alike!

  2. Fun introduction. I really like fantasy books too, but prefer the ones that are more sci-fi then pure fantasy. In other words – travel into the future, etc. I read a lot of that when I was young. I am trying to stay away from online games – I have more than enough addictions already 🙂

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