Super Summer Swap part 2


I’ve been forgetting to post about this for the past week and a half….. It’s sad. The boys got their packages. They have loved them.

They got 2 postcards, a picture of their friends. They had to take the picture to bed so they could have their friend near them.

They also got a cool book of mazes and a dry erase marker to use them. It helped me remember about how wonderful page protectors are for turning anything into a dry erase board.

They also got an I spy bag. It’s a bean bag with one side being made of clear plastic. It’s stuffed with lots of rice and pasta letters and different things to find. They’ve been having fun looking through it and finding stuff. I’ll have to remember this for future car trips.

We had a blast swapping with everyone, and are looking forward to the next time we do this.

Our Preschool Week in Review

Sigh, copying actually works a lot better if you copy the silly thing……. I’m a little late getting this posted because they’ve not been napping as much, combine that with cleaning for the in-laws to come, and you get not much computer time.


Here’s what we did:

We’ve started a fun Bible study with our kids from Bible Study Guide. It’s going to be a multi-year Bible study, and I like the fact that it can grow with my kids. Right now we’re studying Joseph, and learning all sorts of stuff about him and figuring out how to apply this to our lives. I’ll write a thorough review of this alter, because I know lots of you want a great Bible study to do with your kids.

Our theme for the week was moon, so we talked about the moon a lot. I don’t think they really quite got the concept, but at this age it’s just a lot of exposure. Unfortunately our timing was bad because it was a new moon and a crescent moon last week, so…..

However the most popular game for the week was naming the phases of the moon. I drew the 4 different phases (crescent, quarter [half circle], full, and new [blank paper]) on black paper using white crayon. This especially intrigued the kids because they previously thought the white crayon was broken since it wouldn’t draw on white paper. Then each person was passed one card. We’d take turns flipping it over and telling what moon we had. If the person was right they got a button. At the end we all counted our buttons and cheered for our buttons. Simple, easy, fun.

We continued with our calendar time. We also continued to work on patterns. The’ve gotten the AB pattern mostly down. I’ll try it for another month just to be sure.

General School Readiness
They randomly decided they wanted to feed the pig again….. It’s still a good fine motor skill activity, so I’m not complaining. Here’s the link on how to make the pig.

We did some worksheets from Learning Page. I have a bit of a paradoxical philosophy on worksheets. I don’t like them for everything, but they’re helpful for the preprinting skills like tracing and such stuff. That and my kids like them.


We continued in our Nursery Rhyme book with Hey Diddle Diddle

We read lots of books.

The high point for me came when my in-laws came down to visit for the weekend and Superman very proudly wrote his name on the sidewalk. Batman then had to do the same thing. Apparently if I want them to do well with writing, it needs to be on a larger scale…… Like 1 foot letters. Seriously…..

I actually think we’ll start trying to make letters like that, they enjoy writing with chalk, and that gets them outside. Besides the temperature has become an almost chilly 90 degrees these past few days.

Field Trips

We went to Zilker Botanical gardens. They have a Prehistoric gardens, because a few years ago when they were going to expand the gardens, dinsoaur footprints were found. While we were going through the gardens my boys found a dinosaur bone buried in the ground (in reality it was a tree root, but who am I to spoil their fun?).

We also found a spider web in the bushes. We had lots of fun talking about why the spider makes a web, and how the web catches the water droplets. It was a blast overall.

I also took insanely large number of random nature shots to create a photo scavenger hunt for us to do since I knew we’d be coming back in about a week with the grandparents. I’ll talk more on that in a day or so.

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What we read this week

So, sadly I returned the library books before I wroet down what all we wrote, but here’s the really big hit of the week:

Dance by the Light of the Moon– this was incredibly popular, I read this more times than I can count.

Other great books about the moon, some we read this week, some are just great classics

Me and My Place in Space- just like last week, it’s still a fun read.

Goodnight Moon- I’m gonna be lazy and not write a lot, but a great follow up activity to do with your kid, that we ran out of time to do is make your own good night book. You could use pictures, or clippings from magazines, or your kid’s drawings.

Sorry, not really super a lot on books this week. We read lots, but I don’t remember what, it’s been one of THOSE weeks. To see what other people read this week go to Well Read Child.

What keeps me from cleaning

A good bubble bath

A good book

Goofing off on the computer

The latest project on my sewing machine (that’s not the current one, but I didn’t want to search for the photo).

Sigh, I hate cleaning. But, it’s getting closer, slowly, very slowly. It’d stay a lot cleaner if I didn’t have 3 kids, just saying. A lot of the mess is theirs. Okay, not really.

Cool new book bag out

For all of you who are doing “Me on the Map,” September’s Book Bag is about my community and the world around me. I don’t have a freebie of it this time, and haven’t bought it yet, so I don’t know exactly what’s on it, but I have yet to see a product I didn’t like yet from them.

September Book Bag

Just thought I’d let people know, for those who are looking for some great products.