Rib Mountain State Park

Okay before I start telling you about this awesome park, I first want to brag that I planned exactly the right amount of food for dinner last night. We finished off every single bit, no wasted food, no “not quite enough to save.” Now, I think towards the end the boys were having a who can eat more noodles contest…… But, still it was perfect.

So, if you’re ever in the Wasau, WI area this is a great park for climbing and exploring. Here’s their website: Rib Mountain State Park


There’s an observation tower that I forced the boys to climb up. They appear to of inherited my fear of edges, and the whole way up is quite wide open and I kept having horrid imaginings of someone slipping and falling right through the railing. Princess was lucky enough to ride up on Daddy’s shoulders, and she thought that was the cat’s meow.


We had so much fun climbing on rocks and all over. Sadly there really isn’t anything like this near us in Texas, or at least nothing I’d be willing to go to in 100+ degree weather right now.

So if you’re ever in the area make a point to go. Now technically it’s not a mountain, but to a 4 year old it sure is.

Sigh, I do love big forests. That would probably be one of the few things to tempt me out of Texas.

See the caterpillar, really it won’t hurt you.

The only one brave enough to have the caterpillar climb on her.

Superman spent the last half of the hike with Daddy carrying him. Princess of course spent most of the hike being carried, the privelege of being 2.

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