Wisconsin Cheese Factory

While I’m trying to post our outings on our trip more or less in order I figured I’d go ahead and post this one, because the other two I need to have better light and actually have a computer I feel comfortable (that means a screen larger than a postcard) being able to move between windows. I should be sleeping, but I’m not let’s face it I’m an insomniac.

Okay, we all love cheese. That is probably a big understatement, but hey I”m allowed one or two of those. So one of our planned stops in Wisconsin was the Cheese Factory in Rudolph, sadly I can’t find the website.


If you go there head up the stairs and look down and watch as they make the cheese.

First it goes into the big vats on the side. After it has cultured into curds and whey it is poured into these big trays.


There it is stirred and the whey is slowly drained out. I tried to get a close-up of the stirring, but it came out all blurry.

Then it is poured into wooden boxes where the curds will be kept as it changes into cheese (I admit I do not know exactly how this is done, to some extent it seems to be just smashing it down). Sadly no picture of this because it was too far away for you to actually know what they’re doing.


After buying insanely large amount of cheese go and eat large amounts of really good ice cream. Notice Batman feeding Superman (how do I know who’s who when they’re dressed the same? Superman has the bandaids from a bad fall) ice cream, that’s because Princess decided she’d had enough ice cream. It was too messy. HOw can you have enough ice cream?

Now the really cool part of all of this is you can get curds to try. They taste like cheese but are little blobs and as you eat them it squeaks. It’s a real interesting experience. They have pretty much every type of cheese you could ever imagine (cheese with bacon? cheese with salami…… tomato basil cheese). And about a million different types of cheddar.

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