God’s Provision in the midst of a tornado

We stopped at the Welcome Center for Iowa and had a very friendly and helpful worker there warn us we were driving into a tornado storm and to listen to the radio to know what was going on. We did, and as we drove saw the sky darken to black at 2:30 in the afternoon. Soon we were driving in 50 mile winds and watching the rain fly across the road in sheets.

Each underpass we drove through had both sides of it choked up with people on both sides preparing for the coming tornado. Finally we decided to find a restaurant or somewhere we could stop for an hour or so. We did a quick search on our phones and found a place we could stop 16 miles away.

We drove slowly averaging maybe 30 miles an hour and after a long time we ran quickly into a pizza parlor. And in the 10 seconds we were outside got soaked.

Princess and Batman crawling into their “cave”

Superman running across the room.

Normally we don’t let them run around at restaurants, but this was a special exception, and they had lots of fun eating pizza and running around.

Once we started driving again we truly saw God’s provision. As we drove along we saw three semis overturned on the side of the road. We passed a power line that had come down. There were several emergency vehicles that were out there helping other cars. God provided a safe place for us to stay and warm up. We got a good meal and the children felt safe.

Yes Mom, we are safe and I thought you might like more details than I posted on facebook.

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