Real quick post on TAG

Christy wanted to know what I thought of the TAG reader, since I’d mentioned it in my last post. So, here’s my real quick thoughts before I go corrall kids to go meet a friend at the park.


I first got one after reading a couple of reviews and seeing lots of people say glowing things about it. It looks like an oversized pen and you use special books with it. Your kid can touch things on the pages with the pen and it will read the books. Each TAG reader can store 5 books at a time.


Princess loves the TAG. I have caught her sneaking into the schoolroom to get out the TAG and play with it.


So, after we bought the first one I won a TAG from a giveaway, and got it in the mail and it came with 2 TAGs and all of the books. So, now I have almost all of the books and one TAG for each of my kids. This is wonderful because it cuts down on kids fighting.

Now, downsides of TAG:

1. It’s small. You can easily lose it because like I said it’s an oversized pen. I have to be real strict that they can only play with it at the desk. We have one other TAG reader that I can’t find because they kids have hidden it somewhere. It’s very frustrating.

2. I’ve either been very unlucky or they just have problems with it, but 2 of the TAGs we’ve gotten haven’t worked. The first one Amazon replaced with no problems. The second one I just got, so I’m working with Leap Frog to get it replaced. I’m hoping to hear from them soon because this is kind of annoying.

3. If you have more than 5 books you have to remember which books are on the TAG at that time. This is a minor complaint because you could just set out the 5 books, but still.

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