Product Review: Kid Tough Camera

Christy over at Superheroes and Princesses tagged me for this product review. And like her I took a bit to decide on what to review. I have mostly decided (there’s still a part of me tempted to write about the Tag). Here goes:

Kid Tough Digital Camera

I bought mine at Wal-Mart for at least $10 less than at Amazon, just so you know.

Now, why did I buy this? To protect my real digital camera from destruction at the hands of my photographer wannabe Superman. If he had his way he’d run around with my camera all the time.


Here’s what I like:
-it’s not too heavy
-it’s nearly indestructible, the thing is waterproof up to 10 feet for 30 minutes (read you can drop it in the puddle or the pool and your camera isn’t ruined)
-you can drop it down the stairs and it will still work (we haven’t tested that feature YET)
-easy to take pictures and delete them
-my two year old knows how to operate it. Aside from getting confused on which way to aim it.



What I don’t like
-the flash isn’t the best, it doesn’t seem to illuminate too well
-there’s no stabilizer, so it can get blurry pictures if the kids are too excited



So, all in all it’s pretty much what I wanted for the kids camera. At first I had thought to go oveboard and get them each one, but I think it really works better this way.

All pictures in this post have been taken with the camera (aside from the one of Batman taking a picture)

Now, I’ll have to think who to tag for a product review. For now, if you have something you’ve been dying to talk about consider yourself tagged. Otherwise, let me think a little.

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