Austin Zoo

So, last week one part of our super busy week was going to the Austin Zoo. The kids had a blast! It’s not my favorite zoo, but it was fun to go to.

Superman petting the goat

Batman trying to pet the rooster. It didn’t work so well.

Princess and Batman looking at snakes.

Funny story on the peacock. They were wandering all over the zoo, and my kids were having fun trying to catch them. At one point they had gotten one cornered by the bear cage. The next thing I knew the peacock had jumped up onto the top of the fence and into the bear cage. Then it proceeds to march over to the bear and is in within about 15 feet of it. All of the adults are thinking, do we need to distract the kids from the soon to be bloody happenings, but no, the bird just wandered around for a while enjoying the kid free area.

So, all in all, we had a blast at the zoo. It’s not your traditional zoo where you’ll see all the exotic animals. This is a rescue zoo, so you’ll see lots of big cats and monkeys because people keep thinking they make good pets. Then it grows up and they realize it’s a wild animal….. The sad part is the cages are hard to see the animals through. But, my kids were happy they found a “baby jaguar.”

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