Rescue Pack

As I’ve said before two of my kids are obsessed with Diego and somewhat with Dora (though she’s never seen Dora, how does she know all the character names?). They’ve been bugging me to make them rescue packs like Diego and Dora has. So, I finally found all the stuff I needed and started working on them.

How is this a Works for Me Wednesday post you ask? Here’s how this works for me, what’s in the backpacks.

1. Small plastic box with bandaids and hand sanitizer
2. A small water spray bottle for rinsing dirt off hands.
3. kid binoculars
4. a small snack
5. various other stuff they claim they need.

The rules I have for the backpacks are:

1. You have to carry the backpack, so don’t put too much in it.
2. It stays in the car, it does not go in the house to get lost. They have other backpacks that can serve that purpose.

Which leads to the other part of my post. It’s very useful to have a small backpack you can tell your child to pack with toys and carry with them. We ended up in the car repair shop for 2 hours and it was much more manageable because they each packed their own backpacks with some toys and a book.

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3 thoughts on “Rescue Pack

  1. I love this idea! (And I’m glad they have a separate pack just for the purpose of getting lost in the house… 🙂

    I’ll have to do this for Esme, soon. She loves helping carry bags, so it’ll be fun to fix up “her own” bag!

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