Several random unrelated things, but really not quite enough for a post

1. Can you tell who dressed himself?

2. I was feeling sick earlier this week, Princess was asleep and the boys were nice enough to put away the groceries. My husband called me to look at the refrigerator, sadly I didn’t get the picture before he’d taken it all out. But, needless to say we removed about 20 boxes of Macarroni and Cheese, as well as everything else seen here.
In case you’re wondering here’s what I pulled out, and that’s all of it, I’m still finding stuff: 5 pound bag of rice, about 6 cans of pork and beans, peanut butter, 2 bags of Whacky Mac, a box of cookies, peanut butter, croissants, 20 boxes of Mac and Cheese (they were very “helpful” at the store), and goldfish

3. Did you know that if you open and close the scissors when they are next to your head, you will cut your hair? True story. And she wasn’t even trying to cut her hair, that’s the sad part.

I’m trying to decid if I like the larger picture format or not. In general I like it because you can see more, but it’s also a lot bigger. I thought it was helpful on this post, because how else are you going to see what my hard workers did?

5 thoughts on “Several random unrelated things, but really not quite enough for a post

  1. yeah, I wasn’t mad, just kind of amused…. They’ve helped me put all of this away before and know where it goes. I think they just got really excited.

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