Works for me Wednesday: Assign a color

Each kid in my family has their own color assigned to them. They also have their own type of cup assigned to them. My boys have Batman and Superman, and my girl has Princess. If I am choosing other stuff for them Batman gets green, Superman gets blue, and Princess gets pink.

This works for me because I can automatically know who hasn’t put away their stuff or hasn’t done their dishes. Then I can tell that person to do it.

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7 thoughts on “Works for me Wednesday: Assign a color

  1. that’s fun! I don’t use colors, but I have certain cups I give to certain kids…. the kids def. know what cups are theirs, but Daddy and grandparents don’t! aha haaa… so the kids are always asking them for their cups!

    Thanks for visiting us!! I hope you find a book you like. Ordinary Parents looks a lot like 100 Easy Lessons… but it doesn’t have any funky phonics system notations, and is very simple but very comprehensive! I am confident my kids are getting a SOLID start with reading b/c of the book!!

    Sounds like we are very similiar in ages of our kids and attmepting to homeschool!!!

  2. Hmmm…that is definitely an idea that might work for me, too!

    Thanks for coming on by my blog and leaving the comment on my play room pick up! Isn’t it amazing how quickly things can get “destroyed” by kids? Hope your organizing project with cleaning out your sewing area is going well!

  3. We try to do the same general thing! KJ is pink. DC is orange. JJ is blue. I haven’t really assigned colors to the babies yet, but I am thinking red and green!

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