Preschool: the Farm

I wrote more about this yesterday, and I forsee lots more posts about farm, because I keep discovering more great things to do. I feel like we’ve barely scratched the surface of this topic.

I got a farm bundle from CurrClick about farms (I was going to link it but it looks like the bundle has expired, so here’s the two books: A Bundle of Hay and another book that is eluding my exhaustive search, but the linked book is the one I primarily used.

As I posted yesterday we put together our barn, and today we cut out the animals to fill it. This took a lot of skill and patience.


And then I gave a lot more directions to Princess on how to cut these out, because she had tried to make confetti.

We’re going to use these again this week to sort the animals and classify them. I think it will be lots of fun to do it.

We also put together a book about chores kids do on the farm. This was a big hit, now the pictures aren’t so understandable since it was just scribble like crazy on the pictures, but that’s okay.

I love the tongue.

Now, for Princess I did cut it out for her, she doesn’t have the control yet.

And the final step glue the picture on, and then I get to rewrite the words because they’ve glued the picture over the words. Oh well, it’s still readable that way.

And, here’s a fun shot for everyone: Batman took a picture of the rest of us since he decided he was done.


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