Calendar time

I decided to take a page from my school teacher days, and use some things that work there. So, every morning as we start school time we have calendar time and I have a helper for the day.

My helper gets to point to the days as we count them, now with our new egg pointer (since I took a hint from Carissa at ). Next my helper for the day passes out our lap boards from Lakeshore, they’re essentially a small flannel board.

My helper draws a number and each of them puts that number of flannel objects on their board. When I worked at a teacher supply store I got the beginning counting flannel board set. Each kid gets to count it out on their board.

When they think they have the right number we count together, and when it is right we hold it up for everyone to see.

Next we do a pattern for the day. I figured out the cushions we’ve been leaning against are splendid little flannel boards, so I added it into our learning time. Again my helper gets to figure out the pattern for the day.

Finally we also have an alphabet sticker book that we add a new sticker to each day. At first I was only having the helper put a sticker in, but I figured out that was limiting the other kiddos chance to learn more. So they get a sticker and have to figure out what letter the picture starts with. We’re also putting in any craft activities we do related to each letter. So yesterday we made apples from Homeschool Creations .
Our apples had quite a lot of seeds, they thought this was the most exciting part of all.

When we’re done with calendar time, we head off to complete our activities for the day. Today it was working on our current nursery rhyme, which I’ll finish posting about tomorrow. I was going to post on that today, but I forgot to get a picture of the completed project.

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