Why not to keep stamp pads available

The other day after the kids had “gone to bed,” Jeff and I were playing WoW with some friends and were busy running through a dungeon, when I heard kids playing. I excused myself for a second and come upstairs to this sight
So….. The boys had discovered the door between their room and the schoolroom was unlocked. They had gone in there, found the blue “washable” stamp pad, and the letter stamps. They looked around and didn’t have anything to stamp on, so they decided to stamp themselves. By the time we figured out what they were up to, they were completely blue. I’d show you the head to toe photos, but by the time I’d found my camera they’d already stripped down to nothing….. so I’ve opted not to post that.
I yelled for Jeff to come upstairs and help me.

Well, we try to wash their hands, and it does not come off. It also did not come off of the marble sink, or the tile, and the bath tub when we put them in. It faded slightly after much washing. I sat there and scrubbed each of them for five minutes or so, and it faded slightly. That’s the picture you see above. I think that’s Batman’s legs as he sits in the bathtub. The water turned blue, but nothing really made it any less noticable.

About two weeks later it has faded to mostly not noticable, and they’ve had a lot of baths in between then, but man I’ve learned a couple of things from this: 1. Don’t keep stamp pads where kids can reach them. 2. Washable is not. 3. Always have your camera handy, because by the time you find it, the shot is gone. Oh well, now I have a very amusing picture to show their future wife after they’ve married.

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